The left's war on science is the left's war on the Lord's gifts

God created the process where a miniscule spermatozoon and a miniscule egg got together and created a fully developed human being with massive body parts and massive natural processes that allow the human to live and thrive.

One of the amazing processes that was created was to allow humans to naturally create antibodies when foreign attackers like viruses invade the body.  Many people become immune to the virus after they have suffered with it, even if they never had symptoms or just minor symptoms.  Most humans also have other natural antibodies to fight off diseases and infections that try to invade the body.

Two of the most amazing creations within the body are the heart and the brain.  The brain gives humans the intellectual capacity and creativity to develop vaccines that are injected into the body that allow those people who don't have natural immunities to create antibodies to fight off viruses like COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.  The brain, like the heart, allows humans to stay alive.

God created the atmosphere and the chemicals in it that allows humans, animals, and plants to thrive on Earth.

God created the process whereby humans breathe out the natural, clear, non-pollutant gas CO2, which allows plants to thrive, and the process where plants essentially breathe out oxygen that allows humans to live and thrive.

God created the moon, the sun, gravity, the tides, clouds, the wind, El Niño, La Niña, and all the other natural phenomena that control the cyclical pattern of the weather (the climate) on Earth.

These natural phenomena have caused many lengthy warming and cooling periods, allow icecaps to expand and melt, allow long droughts, severe floods, rising and falling sea levels, and severe and mild storm seasons.  The climate has always been cyclical and natural, and that continues to today.

God created all the natural resources that reside within the Earth, including coal and oil.

The human brain gave humans the creativity to figure out how to greatly improve the quality and length of life by utilizing the natural resources the Earth was blessed with, including coal and oil.

But now we have politicians, mostly Democrats and bureaucrats, cheered on by people posing as journalists, who are so egotistical, arrogant, self-righteous, and dishonest that they repeatedly tell the public that if they just give up their freedom, lifestyle, and massive amounts of money that they have the ability to control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever.  One president, President Obama, was so egotistical that he said sea levels would stop rising when he became president.

Despite all the previous dire predictions that moved from the existential threat of global warming to the existential threat of global cooling and back to the existential threat of global warming, the public, especially the children, continue to be indoctrinated with this pure garbage that the science is settled and that we have only a few years left to save the Earth.

Not once are they required to provide the scientific data to support their takeover and destruction of our economy.  The people who allow this pure propaganda to continue are the sycophant, puppet, complicit, compliant people who pretend they are journalists who care about the truth and science.  These are the major instigators of the desired economic destruction.  They repeat the talking points that the science is settled when they never ask questions and never have the curiosity to do their own research.  It is clear that God forgot to give most supposed journalists their curiosity gene, or, somehow, it has been dissolved like a kidney stone.

In summary, if the people want to keep their freedom and prosperity, use your brain and common sense that God gave you, and fight off the Democrats and journalists with every breath of CO2 you take.

If you want to give up your rubber tires and all the other thousands of products that the human brain used crude oil to develop, give in to the power-hungry politicians who want to control all aspects of your lives.  They thrive on their goal to make as many people as they can more dependent on the government instead of allowing them to thrive.

I would love to listen to the people who don't believe any of this to explain how all of the things on Earth and in the human body came to be.  Was it just magic, which is what leftists would say, or something else?

I know that the older I get, the more in awe and amazed I get to the fantastic life we were blessed with on Earth.  I look at nature and all the natural instincts, cycles, and processes and say wow!  I can't understand how anyone believes that politicians and bureaucrats have the ability to control much, let alone something with as many intricacies as the climate.

Image credit: Pixabay, public domain.