The 'Kraken' is the sleeping giant now awakened within the GOP

On Monday, Republican electors in the battleground states of PA, GA, NV, and AZ convened to cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump.  While this was a necessary step to stop the barrage of voter fraud across these states, I'll admit: I was shocked that Republican electors did it. 

For a long time, we've seen the GOP kowtow to Democrats on nearly every front.  We're censored by big tech, smeared in the media, and mocked in popular culture, and we endure malicious political prosecution, as in the cases of Michael Flynn and Kyle Rittenhouse.  On the other side, Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails, federal bureaucrats broke countless laws in the Russian Collusion hoax, leftist radicals burned cities and attacked police, and Obama weaponized the IRS against Republicans and illegally imposed DACA.  The rules are clear: Democrats can break the law whenever they want.

So, when Democrats got caught violating numerous state statutes and the U.S. Constitution to steal the 2020 election, and our Judiciary has done little to stop it, the double-standard seemed all too familiar.  The courts interpreting laws and past precedents loosely when advantageous to Democrats and more rigidly towards Republicans has been the standard for some time. 

Can you imagine a country where Democrats can commit blatantly unconstitutional actions to enable voter fraud while simultaneously using the same Constitution to insist that Republicans have no legal grounds to challenge them?  This is the America we're living in.

When Republican electors across crucial swing states cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump in the face of the left's insistence that Joe Biden won the election, I thought: when did the GOP grow a spine? 

The actions taken by GOP members of these swing states are massive.  While they may only seem like small steps, Republicans showing the fortitude to fight back against the left is not something to take lightly, precisely because courage is contagious. 

Many of us are aware that if this election stands, the government essentially legalizes voter fraud.  If the Democrats gain power, they'll learn from this mistake and make sure they conceal the scam better next time.  There will never be an election with more clear and widespread evidence of fraud than in the 2020 election.  This election will set a precedent for what constitutes voter fraud going forward.  No number of affidavits or forensic analysis will surpass the abundant evidence in the 2020 election, making all future fraud claims insufficient to take action.  The response to future allegations of fraud will be: "Republicans also said there was massive fraud in 2020, and that was proven false by the courts!"

Most Republicans know what's at stake, but I had serious doubts whether the Republicans in government understood this. 

In an open letter to my state legislature, I expressed my concern that if this election stands, the violence to follow will make Antifa and BLM seem like child's play.  I believe that to be true.  Republicans have little power within our culture, and if we lose our voting power, our status as second-class citizens will be complete.  The double-standards will expand, and the mass censorship will continue to flourish.  There will be little left to conserve.  Stopping this fraud is a hill worth dying on.  My greatest fear is that flaccid Republicans in office won't be willing to stand their ground and foolishly believe they can preserve their political careers by letting Democrats take this hill — but maybe that's not the case.  The evidence is too great, the consequences are too severe, and the demands from Americans to fight this are too loud.

Perhaps the "Kraken" isn't the evidence coming from Sidney Powell, but the newfound courage and fire Republicans are unleashing in response to the evidence?  

If I were a Democrat, the actions taken by Republican electors would worry me.  The worst thing that could happen to the left is for Republicans to develop courage.  Democrats have relied on media manipulation and bullying to abuse the political right.  Leftists have considered themselves warriors without anyone ever punching back.  Like a small dog barking loudly at larger animals, the Democrats are dependent on their growls to spook cowardly Republicans away from the battle.

But everyone has a breaking point, and the 2020 election might be the final straw.  This election isn't about transgender bathrooms or unconscious bias training — it's about preserving our fundamental freedom to choose our leaders and hold them accountable with our voting power. 

To anyone concerned about keeping the United States of America a free country, keep it up.  Don't let the media and setbacks in the courts wear you down.  If Republicans can maintain some semblance of courage, Trump will win.  Anyone who takes a cursory look at the affidavits, the witness testimony, the statistical anomalies, and the forensic investigations can see what happened in this election.  The Democrats can't win this fight, and they know it.  They are banking on election deadlines and weak-kneed Republicans to stand idle as they march to victory.  Conservatives must continue to provide the fuel for GOP politicians unaccustomed to acting courageously — especially when facing the storm of the left's vitriol. 

Democrats will call for censorship from the media and Big Tech.  They'll likely call in the infantry of Antifa and BLM as well.  While that may have been effective in the past, it's not going to work this time.  It's too late — the sleeping giant is awake.  We are much larger and have much less to lose than the radical left. 

The "resistance" has won many battles, but most of them were won via forfeit; not this time.  Once the sleeping giant is awake, there's no going back.  Republicans won't be able to un-learn how impactful we can be if our size is coupled with courage.

Bode Lang is a conservative blogger who produces conservative videos on YouTube and Rumble.  You can find him at  or at

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