Sidney Powell is still out there fighting

As I write these words in the wee hours of Saturday morning, it's tough not to be disheartened by the Supreme Court's refusal to take up Texas's challenge to those states accused of running corrupt elections.  Still, that was just one of many efforts to return sanity to the election.  One of the most interesting actors now, as before, is Sidney Powell.  (The other is Lin Wood, with whom she works.)  This post sums up Powell's most recent pronouncements.

First, late Friday night, after the Supreme Court had already dismissed the Texas case, Powell told people to "Pay attention!"

I did pay attention and was able to get a link to the 97-page emergency petition she filed — except that I can't get it to load. You can find it here, and it may work for you.

Incidentally, even without reading the petition, I believe absolutely that Powell is correct that the American people have standing.  In our federal republic, the votes in 50 standalone states are combined to elect a president.  When a state engages in unconstitutional cheating for Biden in a way that affects the election outcome, that conduct not only invalidates votes for Trump within the state, but destroys the vote of all Trump voters who participated in constitutionally run elections in other states.

And for those who say this argument opens up leftist lawsuits against Trump votes in red states, I say go for it.  This may well be a case of "it takes two thieves to strike an honest bargain."  Or, if you're familiar with Kurt Vonnegut's brilliant Report on the Barnhouse Effect, everybody tattling on everyone else may be what we need to keep American elections sparkling clean.  Dueling litigation might be enough to get us back to paper ballots.

Powell also wants people to pay close attention to a Kevin McCullough video in which he talks about the Dominion machines in Antrim County in Michigan.  That's the county in which 6,000 Trump votes ended up in the Biden bucket, alerting Trump-supporters to the Dominion factor.  One of the Trump legal teams (I've lost track of which one) got a court order for a forensic analysis of the machine.

I've had emails asking what the result of that analysis was.  I now know why I couldn't answer the question.  Michigan's Democrat attorney general stopped anyone from disclosing the results of the audit, and a Democrat judge concurred:

Lou Dobbs, who's been a stalwart warrior in the fight against election fraud, covers this point, too:

Dobbs also provided a forum for Sidney Powell to explain that, just in the last few days, she's received an inrush of documents proving that foreign actors, including Venezuela and China, actively interfered in the 2020 presidential election:

Let me remind you of those names:

Did you catch that Powell explains one of the things that's also been perplexing people?  (I know because I've gotten emails about this issue, too.)  If the Biden votes were added through computer algorithms or brute force computer changes, people follow up with the logical question: how can there later be enough paper ballots for those recounts?  The answer is "backfilling," which is to have truckloads of prepared ballots delivered to vote-counting locations on an as-needed basis.  (Lou Dobbs is on that, too.)

The website Powell refers to in the second video is Kraken Wood — although I did not find there the documents to which she refers unless they're attached to the filing with the Supreme Court that I was unable to view.

I won't lie to you: the clock is ticking, and the various Trump teams keep losing in state courts and in federal district and appellate courts.  The Supreme Court just turned away a lawsuit that excited everyone.  That's all grim stuff.


Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are still fighting.  There are still writ petitions to place before the Supreme Court.  And Trump, that wily fighter, may still have a few aces up his sleeve.

Those of you who are downhearted are also forgetting one of the most important weapons we have: each other.  We are fighters who believe in our constitutional, free-market, morally governed democratic republic.  We matter.

Image: Four names you need to know.  Twitter screen grab.

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