Restaurant 'speakeasies' flourish in sea of lockdown hypocrisy in Democrat-run Chicago

Add former president Barack Hussein Obama's Democrat-controlled city of  Chicago to the ever-growing list of government entities controlled by Democrats whose Democratic Party politicians live by freedom for me but not for thee; do as I say, ignore what I do, such as violating my own diktats.  For example, Chicago's black, female, lesbian mayor, Lori Lightfoot (whom I admire), closed down beauty salons and barber shops, but, like Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-wealthy Californians), thought it perfectly fine for a hairdresser to come to her home to do her hair because, after all, she appears in public.  

Alderperson Tom Tunney (D), who also owns a highly regarded Scandinavian-themed restaurant, Ann Sather, apparently decided that if the mayor can ignore her own decrees, so can he.  After all, he is also homosexual, a white male, and represents an area of the city formerly known as Boystown until that name was deemed politically incorrect, with a large homosexual population, not too far from his business in the rather upscale Lakeview neighborhood, which also hosts Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.  And so, in Chicagothink, dining in a politician's restaurant during an officially decreed lockdown, where dining indoors is officially prohibited, is safe and legal; in others, not!  

As the blog Second City Cop first reported:

You enter the restaurant and ask the staff on the sly, "Can we dine in?" They'll look around and whisper, "Yes" and take you to the "VIP Room." Chances improve dramatically if they know you, and they knew our contributor. (snip)

The wait staff admits this isn't legit, but "Tom" told them it's okay as long as they call it a "private party."  A quick headcount the day in question revealed far more than ten persons.

It is certainly surprising this was going on in a law abiding town like Chicago, especially when the mayor and governor have both said there is no indoor seating allowed in any restaurants, but two sets of rules you know. (snip)

Our contributor asked a few patrons what they thought of an aldercreature disobeying a mayoral decree and gubernatorial mandate, but many scurried away, probably ashamed to have been caught exercising their democrat privilege while lesser restaurants remain shuttered and dying. Others were happy someone was finally working against Groot's onerous orders. At least the aldercreature has a six-figure part time job to fall back on.

Maybe someone could ask if the aldercreature is submitting Sales Tax receipts to do his little part keeping the city economy stumbling along. Perhaps he knows (as more people are discovering daily) that the lock down is political bullshit, healthy people aren't dying, restaurants and bars are not super spreader locations and the damage this is doing to the long term economy is incalculable.

After this exposé, Alderperson Tunney (D) did reluctantly admit to "an error in judgment."  "Error in judgment" is Chicagospeak for being caught.  

Scooped by the amateurs running Second City Cop blog, Chicago's so-called professional media did ultimately feebly report on this latest political scandal.  In their defense, they were probably distracted by reporting on Chicago's spiking crime rate. 

Or perhaps speakeasy-style events like this occur so frequently they're not even newsworthy.  Or considered illegal.

Or, in true Chicago fashion, they enjoyed the restaurant and maybe even received "special" treatment when they patronized it while ignoring the plight of many restaurant-owners whose businesses are dying, whose employees are now jobless.  

And that is how it goes in Democrat-governed strongholds.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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