Rand Paul provides details about how government wastes your taxes

On Tuesday, Congress passed a grotesque spending bill that ostensibly provides for Americans suffering from the economic collapse Democrats and RINOs forced onto America and for funding the government before it shuts down.  In fact, what it does is insult Americans with a pittance, make easy loans available for big businesses and favored leftist constituents, and send billions of dollars overseas, often for initiatives (such as border walls) that leftists refuse to fund at home.  The bill's timing was perfect for Rand Paul's annual Festivus grievance Twitter thread detailing how badly your money was wasted in 2020.

The obscene spending bill that a bipartisan Congress passed in a mad rush on Tuesday night is already old news.  President Trump has appropriately called the bill a "disgrace" and has called on Congress to send him a new bill that gives hurting Americans $2,000 instead of $600 (while illegal aliens get three times that amount).  In addition, he calls out the fact that, even as the bill denies relief to Americans, it sends billions of dollars overseas, none of which will benefit Americans.  Please watch and share the video.  It's exceptional:

Trump is absolutely right.  As always, he thinks like an American, not like a morally corrupt monoparty politician.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is another American, rather than a morally corrupt monoparty politician.  On Wednesday, he released his annual Twitter thread about the past year's government spending binge.  In it, he points out that this execrable spending bill is typical.

As you read the thread, let me emphasize again your role in all this.  It's a misnomer to call either the current bill or last year's spending frenzy either "funding the government" or "government spending."

The government is not spending a penny of its own money, either on itself or on you.  Instead, this whole abusive, wasteful bill is about spending your money.  After all, the American government does not create wealth.  Every penny it spends comes from you.  The government is able to take your money from you because your elected representatives are presumably acting for you when they pass these spending bills and because the government has police power at its back.

Here's another thought before getting to the list: one of the foul things the left did was to take Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and his promises to put America first and claim that those are coded language for white supremacy.  Hitler would have approved of this "Big Lie."  You have only to see Trump standing up against spending bills such as this monstrosity, to understand that his slogan and promises mean using American taxpayer money to benefit Americans of all races, colors, and creeds, and both sexes, rather than sending money overseas in expiation of ancient or imaginary sins.

And one more thing before I get to Sen. Paul's tweet thread: If you haven't seen it already, here is his viral speech about the grotesque spending bill:


With that in mind, here's Sen. Rand Paul letting you see just some of the things the government did with your money:

Image: Rand Paul speaking in the Senate. Rumble screen grab.

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