Our political opponents are vicious, but they're also crazy

This is my day for reminding conservatives that one of the things that will work in our favor over the long run is the fact that leftists are crazy.  In the short term, that makes them dangerous opponents because they have no morals or natural stopping points.  In the long term, however, they cannot sustain their impetus.  People this insane eventually implode (although the implosions are ugly and can have far-reaching effects).

Preliminarily, let me remind you that leftists are, in fact, insane.  We know this because they freely confess it.  According to the latest Gallup mental health poll, most Americans aren't very happy this year.  Thus, while 56% of Republicans identified themselves as enjoying excellent mental health, in 2020, only 41% enjoyed that feeling this year.  Republicans are still ahead of Democrats, though.  In 2019, only 30% of Democrats said they had excellent mental health.  This year, they're down to 29%.

Moreover, as I show in this post, leftist women are deeply neurotic, dysfunctional, angry people.  And honestly, why should we be surprised?

Leftists live in a world of racial hatred, gender confusion, white self-loathing, religious loathing, American loathing, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic feelings, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, transphobia, and so much more.  Everything is defined by hatred for others.  It's impossible to live in a world imbued with hate and still be happy.

These -isms and phobias get pushed onto young people in public schools and in institutions of higher leftist learning.  Many of these people, when they leave college or university, continue to bathe in this fetid broth of self-loathing and paranoia.  You find a lot of these youngsters in the media, whether in traditional outlets such as the über-woke New York Times, CNN, or even Bon Appetit.

And then there's Vice, which has long been the flagship of young, hyper-woke leftist "journamalists."  Ryan Long, the Canadian comedian who is willing to do what comics used to do, by poking fun at sacred cows, has come up with a brilliant video about de-programming a Vice employee.

As always with Long's videos, the language is crude, but you mustn't let that stop you from watching one of the best political commentaries you're likely to see in our brave new leftist world:

After watching this video, I wondered if any leftists still retain even a residual sense of humor sufficient to understand just how funny and accurate that video is.

Long reminds us that leftists are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.  We just have to make sure that we sane, functional people are still here to save America when everything the leftists do falls apart.

Postscript: If you haven't seen Ryan Long's video comparing the woke and the racist, you must.  It's brilliant:

Image: Ryan Long's Vice writer satire.  YouTube screen grab.

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