NeverTrump Rick Wilson wants revenge against Trump-supporters

Rick Wilson spent his career working for Republicans who are not conservative.  Believing that Biden won the election, Wilson is celebrating Trump-supporters' downfall.  Like other traitors before him, Wilson may discover that his future is worse than the futures of those he betrayed.

NeverTrumps are peculiar animals.  For the entirety of their careers, whether they were politicians, campaign apparatchiks, think-tank employees, or writers, they profitably pretended to be conservatives.  They always talked a good talk when hustling for votes or money.  However, once in power (or sucking up to power), they approached politics as soft leftists.  I think of them as American Tories, for they are the equivalent of England's modern Tories — socialists, just more moderate than the Labor Party.

Their gig ended with Trump, who promised to do everything these professional conservatives had once advocated.  His pro-American policies supported small government, lower taxes, strong borders, and a weakened military-industrial complex.  Rather than celebrating, the American Tory class treated him worse than they'd ever treated Democrat presidents.

They realized that Trump would end their long con by exposing their duplicity.  Their days of going to all the best cocktail parties in New York and D.C. as "pet" conservatives were over.

While all the NeverTrumps are distasteful turncoats, few are as appalling as Rick Wilson, a onetime political strategist for the Bush crowd.  Wilson hates ordinary Americans, but his real malice is reserved for those in the political and media class who genuinely support Trump's efforts to return America to constitutional conservatism.

Because Wilson believes that Biden won the election, he is salivating at the thought of seeing not just Trump, but Trump-supporters brought low.  Having missed Joe's little platitudes about "unity," Wilson has big, bad plans for his political foes (language warning; bracketed interlineations are mine):

The dark is rising for Trump's sycophantstoadies and enablers. Their tough-guy acts and fuck-your-feelings s----talk have become a furious whine of complaints and recriminations as a toxic slurry of rage and despair has left a stinging bile in the back of their throats that won't go away. Trump lost, and they can't spin their way past it.


After 250,000 deaths from COVID, a shattered economy [that Democrats created and Trump managed to fix], rampant corruption [only among Deep State leftists], and the egregious cruelty of the Trump era [from the Resistance, right?], no one forgets that you stood behind him and saw the lawless, reckless, rampant f------ of Trump and Trumpism with nary a complaint. You stood there, cowed and callow, profiles in chickens--- more dedicated to re-election than to America. Now, you're getting what's coming to you.

I'm not even going to hide it; I f------ love it.

Wilson is neither a decent nor an intelligent person.  But reading his vile imprecations against people, you get the feeling he's certain that, in a Biden administration, he'll be in the catbird seat, leading the lush life.  American history suggests otherwise.

During the Revolutionary era, Benedict Arnold was probably America's best battlefield commander.  Although General Horatio Gates was the nominal commander at the Battle of Saratoga, it was Arnold's brilliant field strategy that saved the day.  Arnold was also twice grievously wounded in his country's service.  When it came to the Revolution, he was the real deal.

Unfortunately, Arnold was a difficult human being.  Additionally, General Gates, who later showed appalling cowardice at the Battle of Camden (South Carolina), was a petty man who blocked Arnold's deserved advancement.  Because Arnold was more interested in himself and his devious Loyalist wife's charms than in American liberty, he betrayed America.  (Ironically, unbeknownst to Arnold, George Washington was planning a major promotion for him.)

Fortunately, the Patriots discovered Arnold's treachery before he got the British into West Point.  However, Arnold still got a command from the British, captured Richmond, and then laid waste to large swaths of Virginia.  After the war, he retired to England.

If Arnold expected to be feted in England, he was terribly mistaken.  The British understood that Arnold had changed sides not out of principle, but for self-aggrandizement.

Edmund Burke hoped Arnold would not get a command in the British Army, for otherwise, "the sentiments of true honour, which every British officer [holds] dearer than life, should be afflicted."  Another critic said he was a "mean mercenary, who, having adopted a cause for the sake of plunder, quits it when convicted of that charge."

Wilson and the other NeverTrumps, all of whom have Arnold's venality without his talent, will almost certainly find that, while Democrats are happy to use them, they'll never like or trust them.  While Trump-supporters will regroup if, God forbid, Biden attains the White House, Wilson and his NeverTrump friends will find that everyone scorns them.

Image: Benedict Arnold (public domain) and Rick Wilson (YouTube screen grab); image created in Pixlr.