NeverTrump Republicans disgrace themselves more every day

The GOP could hold a fundraiser by having a contest for the most condemning anti-Trump quote.  My personal favorite of the moment is by National Review editor Rich Lowry, who wrote a column in the New York Post with this quote:

Mr. Trump's central failing as president has been his inability to distinguish between his personal interest and the public interest. No president in memory has made less of an effort to allow the institution of the presidency to shape him and to conform to the constraints it imposes.

Problem is, We the People may never be allowed to hold fundraisers again — not without approval.  Some fundraisers are more equal than others.  The other problem is that the quote is unintentionally complimentary.  President Trump was elected to be himself, as is — no "reshaping."

Warrior Writers

Oh, noteworthy writers writing noteworthy writings.  You demonize Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.  You mock our president.  You think you are woefully wise interpreters of mediocrity as a so-called ill informed crowd stands up for the truth at a rally.  The Georgia evidence of a suitcase under the table means nothing; neither does the ownership of the very voting machines relied on for our supposed free and fair election.  To sum up your well read musings, the steady erosion of our freedom means nothing to you and your ilk.  President Trump's demeanor is still your number-one political cause.  Now he's not conceding correctly — not in the Miss Manners McCain way of all the better mannered men that make up the real Republican Party.

Marxist Hell Marketers

Did our think-tank writers get hijacked to some time share–style presentation of Marxist hellholes?  The country's decent citizens are all poised to be stripped of basic freedoms.  Tyranny has a strong marketing campaign.  Tyranny is aided by useful idiots who ignore the Biden floor plan on the horizon.  Voters swear under oath, mindful of the penalty of perjury, that they were denied their right to vote, witnessed phony ballots, and were bullied by poll-watchers.  Republican poll-watchers were refused entry to monitor elections — because they were Republican poll-watchers.

People are ordered to "show papers" when traveling domestically, told to quarantine in their homes and expect a random visit from a law enforcement officer.  Some people, including conservative writers, continue to bash Trump as businesses are ordered to shut down, despite compliance with masks and distancing.  Worse than the obscene anti-American control are the compliant responses.

Our country is at the mercy of a cluster power-grab, and all these people can do is critique the demeanor of a president they still don't like.  No matter the risks of national security, nor the feared annihilation of America, they just can't break away from the mental prism of believing they are engaged in an op-ed contest for The Wittiest Writer.  They treat the destruction of our freedom of speech and the inevitable death of all our other freedoms as some Ivy League essay assignment.  None of their polite heroes has had the will and the guts to fight for our freedom — the freedom these people so snidely take for granted.  Perhaps basking in the warmth of their own computer keyboard anesthetizes them from the burning of the First Amendment.  Maybe they never felt love for America in their hearts, and instead, America — the Constitution, the flag — were all just objects, things, lessons in leatherbound books to master with the same depth that a circus seal masters various flips to please its master and get a coveted treat.

A Solution

Maybe voter fraud needs to be posted on a matchmaking site.  That's it — we need a for stories seeking honest writers.  What would the Voter Fraud profile say?

Hi, Voter Fraud here.  I'm very neglected even though I've grown a lot during these past four years.  People don't describe me as I truly am.  I'm the conduit to the destruction of every other freedom.  I'm minimized in the well known places — but boy, if the right-minded writer gives me a chance, just a chance, together we can give birth to a powerful story.  Oh, I'd like my writer to be a non-smoker who likes John Ford Films.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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