Narcissistic NBC News shows that the media’s bias has no bounds

One of the things conservatives know is that the media’s hatred for Trump and his supporters and their slavish devotion to the Democrat flavor of the month (whether it’s a Clinton, an Obama, a Biden, or a Harris) oozes out in everything they say or write. That’s why it’s fun to compare past and present articles that demonstrate the medias willingness to shift principles to advance their biases. Rarely, though, do news outlets make their biases as palpable as NBC News recently did.

Dan Bongino, one of my favorite conservatives, often points out that you won’t catch him being hypocritical by holding different people or political parties to different standards. He explains (and I’m quoting from memory here) that he’s not hypocritical because his principles and values are fixed, not dictated by political preferences. If he doesn’t like it when Politician A does it, he’s not going to like it when Politician B does it.

Things are different when you’re a leftist. Lyle Rossiter, Jr. explained in The Liberal Mind, The Psychological Causes of Political Madness that leftists never matured:

He explained how the collectivist-leftist clenched-teeth demands for cradle-to-grave caretaking, desires inbred in all humanity from the earliest child-parent relational stages, translated into an inability to mature into adult behavior; behavior that upholds freedom, autonomy, and personal and fiscal responsibility as the dominant script for societal well-being.  He further explained their blindness to reality and how in their zeal to protect humanity from the injustices of the world they implement programs that instead of creating independence and self-sufficiency, foster dependency and instability …year after year and decade after decade with nary a glance backward at the socialist horrors of the 20th-century authoritarian monsters and their demands for societal purification.

Part of this failure to mature means that leftism and narcissism are a matched set. All children and adolescents are narcissists: They’re insecure, the world revolves around them, and the truth is a fluid concept that exists to keep them from getting into trouble:

As narcissists get more sophisticated without ever maturing, they create a reality in which the truth is always defined by the needs of the moment. That’s why narcissists pass lie detector tests. If they need to say something, that need means that what they say is the truth.

And sure enough, one of the catchphrases of leftism, which has abandoned absolute truth in favor of post-modernism, is that something is “my truth” or “your truth” as opposed to the truth. And that gets us to the media, which has as its truth the need to advance the Democrat narrative at all costs while always making sure to insult and demean Trump and his supporters.

Paul Krugman is always good for a laugh in this regard:


And there’s this head spinner from a British leftist:

But for sheer hypocritical audacity, an NBC News headline and subheadline about Hunter Biden’s tax problems take the cake:

This type of narcissism echoes Soviet level reporting. The tragedy of those lies in the Soviet media was that reporters were forced to lie to save their lives. Stop toeing the party line and you might find yourself doing hard labor in a Siberian gulag.

The tragedy of these lies in the United States is that the narcissistic reporters are doing this voluntarily. The notion of honest reporting is utterly alien to them. For them, truth is always defined by their ideological needs. Even worse, if they stop toeing the party line, they might find themselves disinvited from the cool kids’ parties and forced to hold a real job (or maybe learn to code) somewhere in flyover country.

IMAGE: Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse (cropped). Public Domain.

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