Lefties upset that Nashville suspect not being labeled a 'suicide bomber'

Danielle Campoamor, writing for Refinery29, seems pretty upset that the Nashville bomber hasn't been widely labeled as a "suicide bomber."

Judging by the social media reaction to Campoamor's outrage, I'd have to say that most of the left is in agreement with her screed.

The highly privileged Anthony Q. Warner.

Campoamor goes on to write of her disappointment with the media's style sheets, which seems to have a double standard for white men.

[L]arge platform media groups are willing to give a white suicide bomber the benefit of the doubt where Black and brown people are not afforded the same.

The Twitterati continued:

An obvious point to be made is that Muslim terrorists, domestic or otherwise, never broadcast a warning to citizens to clear out of the area so that they won't be hurt.  If the Nashville bomber was a terrorist, he was one of the thoughtful ones.  (Had he lived, and cited the right cause, he might've been offered a professorship at an elite university after his prison release.)

Campoamor's assertion is that the Nashville bomber carried out a successful domestic terrorist plot.  What the plot was trying to achieve is unknown.  The cause behind the terror is unknown.  In absence of these key elements, I'm not sure his plot was that successful.

[A] white elderly man who leveled entire city blocks in a successful domestic terrorist plot? Well, he's just a sad, lonely man who died a "thunderous death."

It's unclear to me that Campoamor, or her liked-minded Twits, feel that Antifa and BLM, who have burned and destroyed miles of city blocks in the name of "social justice," are terrorists.  Under her own definition, they certainly are, but my guess is that she believes they are righteous, good folks.

Speaking of style sheets, to be fair, the Nashville bomber (if the "official story" is correct) was indeed a suicide bomber.  He committed suicide with a bomb.  Clear-thinking and fair-minded people can agree on this logic.  But I don't see how this man had anything at all in common with Muslim terrorists.  They are not "suicide bombers."  They are homicide bombers, a point that Campoamor, and others like her, are probably a little too woke to comprehend.

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