Is Lin Wood trying to destroy Republican control over the Senate?

Lin Wood, who seems to support Trump, is beginning to show all the signs of a loose cannon or even a spoiler.  I'm really not sure what's going on, so I thought I'd just give you a brief history of the man and what he's been saying recently, so you can draw your own conclusions.

As Wood himself has freely said, he came from a horrible background.  His parents were alcoholics, and he and his sister grew up in a "life of domestic abuse.  It was a brutal life."  When he was 16, he came home one day to discover that his father had murdered his mother.

Nevertheless, Wood was an excellent student who worked his way through college and law school.  He went on to a stellar legal career, making his name representing Richard Jewell, whom the FBI wrongly accused of being the Olympic Centennial Park bomber.

More recently, Wood became well known to conservatives when he represented Nick Sandmann, whom the media horribly slandered for smiling at a threatening drummer.  We don't know how much money CNN and The Washington Post agreed to pay Sandmann, but most people are reasonably sure that it was a lot.

According to Breitbart, though, Wood has been a longtime Democrat voter and a consistent Democrat donor:

Wood also has a long history of donating to top Democrats' presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional campaigns. While he did shift a little bit during the Trump era and made some donations to Trump and some congressional Republicans and to the Republican National Committee, per Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, Wood has long backed Democrats for federal office and especially for Georgia offices. Donations to Democrat Party politicians from Wood over a decade plus total more than $40,000, and span from as far back as 2004 through as recently as 2018.

Campaign finance records show that Wood has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to top Democrats like former President Barack Obama, who he gave $2,300 to in 2008 over two separate donations. In 2004, Wood funded the Democrat presidential campaign of then-Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) with $500 split over two separate donations.

It is not just Democrat presidential candidates like Obama and Edwards that Wood supported. He also previously backed Perdue's 2014 Democrat opponent Michelle Nunn, giving her $100 in Sept. 2014. He gave $500 to Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Jim Martin on Nov. 10, 2008, when Martin had forced a runoff with then-GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) — meaning that there at least two other general elections than this one for U.S. Senate in Georgia where Wood has financially backed Democrats over Republicans.

There's much more information in the linked Breitbart article.

Still, the leopard can change his spots.  Many of the most committed conservatives started as leftists (e.g., Thomas Lifson, the Power Line guys, David Horowitz, Roger L. Simon, me, etc.).

What makes Wood's "road to Damascus" conversion hard to understand is that he's now saying things that will ensure that the Senate goes to the Democrats.  If Biden also attains the White House, Democrats have promised a packed Supreme Court, two new Democrat states, fully socialized medicine, etc.

A couple of weeks ago, Wood started telling Georgia conservatives to boycott the Senate runoff, something that virtually ensures that Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock will head to the Senate:

On Friday, Wood escalated his attacks against Loeffler and Perdue:

Even if these candidates are problematic, the primary is long over.  Taking Wood's advice now could ensure Democrat control over the Senate.

So ask yourself: is Wood a naturally conservative man who has seen the light and who is so pure that he'd rather lose the Senate than compromise?  Or is Wood a cuckoo in the nest, a spoiler who, while ostensibly fighting hard for Trump, ensures a Democrat party sweep?  I honestly don't have an answer to that question and urge you to think about it and reach your own conclusions.

Image: Lin Wood at a Stop the Steal rally.  YouTube screen grab.

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