Is it fear?

When it comes right down to it, people are just plain scared to support Donald Trump's efforts to prove voter fraud.  Republican legislators in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin are scared to use their powers to invalidate fraud in their states.  Judges are scared to take up the cases.  And Republican state executives are scared to investigate the fraud allegations.  Case in point: Georgia.

Just what are these people afraid of?  One can only guess.  It certainly isn't fear of the voters, because every one of these spineless Republican politicians will lose his seat in his next election without a doubt.  It could be fear of Democrat legislators, but political differences have been present since the founding and couldn't be much of a factor.  It could be fear of Big Media, which would hound any Trump-supporters mercilessly.  It could also be fear of violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

And then there are the stories of payoffs from China.  Maybe they are afraid of getting cut off from their Sugar Daddy.  

In any case, if you divide humanity into leaders and followers, it seems there are only a few leaders left willing to help Donald Trump.  Everyone else appears to be a follower, and like scared little lemmings, they are following each other over a cliff, taking the rest of the country with them.

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