Is America ready to commit suicide?

I was at a stop light, waiting for it to turn green, when I noticed in my rearview mirror a large truck speeding toward me.  I knew that it was about to slam into me.  Instantly, I took my foot off the brake, and accelerated through the empty intersection, thereby avoiding a disaster.  In doing so, I broke a traffic law.  Technically, I could have been issued a summons, and if matters had gone from bad to worse, I could have suffered an expensive penalty.

Of course, you say, no police officer would have ticketed me; no judge would have penalized me.  Why not?  Because policemen and judges can make allowances for extraordinary circumstances.  

This event is minuscule, especially compared to the potential catastrophe we are now facing — which is an extraordinary circumstance.  The presidential election has been hijacked by the radical left.  The investigations and appeals are proceeding according to law, that is to say methodically — and, therefore, slowly.  It is conceivable that there will not be enough time remaining for the process to be completed before the Electoral College casts its votes.  This means that Joe Biden may be installed in the White House after fraudulently winning the election.  

We are stopped at the intersection.  A sixteen-wheeler is barreling toward us.  There is no time to wait for the green signal.  But this time, will those who make the law, and enforce it, pull out their ticket book?  Or will they declare a constitutional emergency and act to promote justice?  

Numerous avenues are available for justice to be done.  State legislators can appoint electors for Trump.  Judges can rule that the vote totals are fraudulent or at least unreliable.  But what if these events do not occur, at least not in time?  

Other alternatives seem unthinkable.  Massive civil disobedience can cripple the fake president.  Perhaps even more unthinkable is the possibility that, before the next inauguration, President Trump could declare martial law and (illegally?) suspend elements of the Constitution until a true and accurate vote count is certified.  

Even more unthinkable is that the nation will commit suicide rather than accelerate through the traffic light.

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