I wrote my state legislators, and I hope you do, too

Here is my letter sent via email to allow hyperlinks:

Hello, ______

I'm writing you because I fear what will happen to our country if our legislature does not stop the most blatant fraud in American history.  The 2020 election fraud was not subtle or discrete. You’re probably familiar with the evidence, but I’d feel negligent not to include some of the facts that have shaped my conclusion on this issue: 

  • Democrats placing boards over the glass windows of ballot counting rooms
  • Videos of ballots illegally counted after hours
  • Statistical anomalies showing surges of Biden votes when counting had supposedly stopped
  • Impossible spikes of Biden votes arriving late in Pennsylvania
  • Hundreds of sworn affidavits and documented testimony of fraudulent behavior across a wide-range of precincts controlled by Democrats
  • Historical election metrics that have proven accurate predictors of outcomes for decades all shattered in one election —  by Joe Biden
  • Harvard statisticians proving Biden’s chance of victory given Trump’s lead as of 3AM 11/4 was a one in a quadrillion chance
  • Cyber security experts testifying Dominion Voting Systems were compromised
  • USPS drivers stating hundreds of thousands of ballots disappeared in Pennsylvania and 50,000 ballots delivered at 3:30AM on 11/4 in Michigan with no chain of custody
  • Pennsylvania breaking its own laws regarding mail-in ballots
  • Hundreds of thousands of ballots in battleground states that we know are illegal
  • Impossible spikes of Biden votes beyond the known processing capabilities of the machines available to process that number of votes in that timeframe
  • Several discoveries of tens of thousands of ballot dumps that were 100% for Joe Biden

These examples may not be proof of fraud on their own, but when these battleground states’ suspicious actions are considered together, the fraud becomes shockingly clear.

The fraudsters aren’t even defending their behavior or the data problems.  Their core defense is that overturning the election is "unprecedented."  Calling timeout on election night and stopping the counting under false pretenses are also unprecedented.

What makes the situation worse is the fraud happened in the most blatant conceivable fashion.  How could it be more evident than blocking the ballot counting rooms' glass windows after removing GOP poll watchers?  Why did they block the windows?  The middle of the night glare?

My concern is not that you are ignorant of the overwhelming evidence of fraud but that our government officials lack the courage to act.  My concern is that legislators and justices are more worried about threats coming from Antifa and BLM and reading nasty op-eds about themselves in the New York Times than about the American people.

I have my own fears, too. I fear that if elected officials and judges ignore the most obvious fraud in American history, the violence to follow will make Antifa and BLM seem like child's play.

I want to be clear: this is not a threat — I'm not foolish enough to threaten government officials.  I am not even suggesting that I would resort to violence.  I'm merely stating that I have no doubt there will be violence no matter the election outcome.  Considering violence is inevitable, your best option is to defend the righteous instead of hedge your bets by trying to stay in the good graces of the crooks. 

If you pursue the appropriate actions to halt this fraud, Antifa and BLM will likely become violent.  But if you refrain from your obligations to the people, the violence will be far worse after the ability to choose their political leaders is ripped away from voters despite mountains of evidence of maleficence. There may not be 80 million Americans who resort to violence, but there will be millions, and millions more will nod along and think to themselves, "[W]here did these politicians think this was going to go? Did they expect Americans to remain loyal to laws made by lawmakers who don't represent them while their political opponents can break laws with impunity?" If you think this is hyperbole, you are significantly distant from the heart of the American people. 

The silent majority is real, and its existence is proof of the extreme vitriol Republicans face every day.  Republicans are lectured in the workforce about social justice, smeared by the media daily, and have witnessed our cities burned and looted by leftists for months.  Republicans have put up with all of this and have largely turned the other cheek because no matter how unfairly the left behaves, the one thing conservatives can fall back on is our voting power — until it's stolen.

If you stop this, Antifa and BLM still have the media, the education system, large corporations, among many other institutions.  They still have much to lose. But if conservatives watch their voting power illegally diluted right in front of them without consequence, there's nothing to conserve.  With our voting power gone, what do Republicans have left? I would not want to fight millions who believes they have nothing to lose.

One thing in life is certain: you get more of what you incentivize.  If Democrats can publicly hijack an election and get away with it, why wouldn't they use their illegally acquired political power to make sure they cheat better next time?  They got caught red-handed committing fraud in 2020, and if nothing happens, what deterrents do they have not to commit fraud again?  Who will punish them?  Should they fear docile legislatures intimidated by Antifa kids still living with their parents?

I fear that if Democrats get away with this fraud, Americans will interpret the whole political system as phony. There is no going back at that point.  You will never be able to undo the damage. The system requires the people's faith to believe in it and defend it, but there is no reason to have confidence in a system that can be so easily corrupted, right in front of our eyes.

We already had a war for taxation without representation.  If the most blatant fraud in American history can stand, and our political representatives do nothing about it, who represents us?  Do you think the founding fathers would have considered government officials ripping up their votes, calling them names, and demanding they accept a fraudulent election as a form of authoritarian government?   Frankly, the actions of the British were far less egregious than what's happening today.   

If you do not stop this fraud, things are going to get very, very ugly.  I don't want that to happen to my county.  A fraudulent election is not an election at all — it's tyranny. The Second Amendment was an insurance policy against government tyranny; what could be more tyrannical than stealing an election, in plain sight, while ignoring mountains of evidence proving the fraud?

The right thing to do is often the more difficult thing to do. Standing up against the crime syndicate who stole the 2020 election may be the most important test you'll face.

Bode Lang is a conservative blogger who produces conservative videos on YouTube and Rumble.  You can find him at  https://www.youtube.com/c/Bodelang or at https://rumble.com/c/c-344175.

Photo credit: Dome of tghe Wisconsin State Capitol by Daderot.  CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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