How Democrats are sneakily destroying the Electoral College

Add the Electoral College to the list of American institutions that the Democrats have destroyed (along with education, media, entertainment, Silicon Valley, sports, big cities, the justice system, the family, the FBI-CIA, the Supreme Court, etc.).  By manufacturing massive fraudulent vote counts in the big cities they control, Democrats invalidate suburban and rural votes in key battleground states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona.  Elections simply become who can produce the most votes, which is most easily accomplished in large Democrat-run cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee.  The Democrat machines that control those cities can effortlessly run up large vote counts for Democrats without fear of being found out by manipulating the voting rules and by manufacturing ballots.  Local Democrat judges "on the payroll" look the other way, while Big Media leads in the cover-up with information blackouts.  Large Democrat donors, Silicon Valley bigwigs, and geopolitical rivals like China bankroll the operation.  By relying on big city votes to swing the national elections, our electoral system degenerates into a de facto direct voting structure, thus invalidating the Electoral College and violating the Constitution.

Thus, national elections are controlled by a handful of large cities run by Democrats.  This, perhaps more than any other Democrat scheme for supermajority rule such as adding new states, packing the Supreme Court, and opening our borders, will guarantee that America resembles California in just a few years.  With Nancy Pelosi (California) as House Leader, Kamala Harris (California) as vice president, and Gavin Newsom (California) as president-in-waiting, the Democrat plan for our country is clear and well underway unless we stop it.

Image via Pixabay.

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