Have a merry (and defiant) Christmas

First they came for “Merry Christmas!” because it was not “inclusive,” as the celebration of Christ’s birth has come under attack as Marxism rises and tries to remove God and religion from America.

Then they came for Nativity scenes.

Then they came for the churches, using COVID as an excuse to shut them down and deny us our right to worship.

They also came for singing, also using COVID as an excuse to tell us to remain silent lest we spread germs because the left wants COVID to be the only thing we think about as totalitarians rise to power.

This Christmas I suggest we celebrate with all our heart and soul.

That we say “Merry Christmas!” to everyone we see.

That we sing Christmas carols as we see fit.

That we celebrate and embrace our amazing heritage. That we feel pride and awe at what Western civilization (with Christianity at the heart of it) has given to the world, including religious music, art, and architecture.

May we attend church, joyful as we go.

And if we must be defiant, let us be so. And if we must engage in civil disobedience to do these things, so be it.

Let us take this time after this shocking and traumatic year to gain strength in our faith, in our religious traditions, and in the freedom we cherish as Americans.

So, I leave you with two songs as I wish everyone at American Thinker a very Merry (if not also civilly disobedient) Christmas!

Coventry Carol (16th century): here. This is one of many exquisite versions of this ancient carol.

What wondrous love is this?: here. The song isn’t a Christmas carol, but it’s appropriate for the holiday.

Photo credit: Infrogmation (croppped) CC-BY-2.5 license

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