Grinches of America

Over a week has passed since the Thanksgiving turkey carcass was picked clean, and now we have to listen to the left hammer away about how we should spend Christmas.  They relish lording it over us with proclamations to stay home, eschew church and parties, and prepare for a "dark winter."  I'm surprised that blue-state governors haven't shut down Christmas tree farms or banned the selling of poinsettias.  The left is like the Grinch who stole Christmas and thinks we can be easily trained and controlled.  We realize they've been testing the waters with the COVID rules to see how far they can push us, but people will only take so much.  Biden, who isn't even the official president-elect, is calling for a 100-day mask rule.  His unlawful, premature edicts, combined with his dark and ominous forecast for the holiday season, is infuriating.  After suffering through almost a year of lockdowns, shutdowns, a grim election year, and a condemned Thanksgiving, Americans are craving a message of hope and a little optimism.  We'd be getting more of that from Trump if he weren't so tied up fighting campaign treachery and his stolen victory.

The Grinch, too, thought he could easily wreck the spirit of the people.  He underestimated the hearts and souls of the creatures of the town, thinking them simple-minded and easy to manipulate.  He falsely equated the Christmas holiday with commercialism and thoughtless, misplaced cheer and assumed that the people were of the same mind.  He detested the happiness of the town and savored the moment when he would see the citizens weeping with disappointment over a faith that failed them.  When the moment of truth arrived and the people woke to the destruction of their celebratory preparations, a small voice began the chorus of heart filled joyful singing and praise.  The toys, shiny ornaments, and fine cuisine (roast beast, I believe) may have been missed, but those accoutrements were an infinitesimal piece of what was truly important.

The left is all about oppression.  Let us not allow our spirit to be quelled by them this season, but vow to loudly and gleefully shout out our faith and/or love of country.  Those that want to persecute and shut us down will not like it, but that will make it all the better. 

Image: Pixabay.

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