Forget fancy language. Trump's re-election is all about killer instinct.

How do you fight an obvious election fraud?  It's a matter of political will.  Who has the strongest killer instinct?

That's really what it all comes down to.  Never mind the fancy legal arguments; don't bother learning the tortuous logic of constitutional law.  This is a rough-and-tumble battle, a street fight.

The forces arrayed against Trump and his supporters are awesome, possibly insurmountable.  The various mainstream media are telling everyone that the election is over, and that anyone saying otherwise is indulging in baseless conspiracy theories.  Silicon Valley has been aggressively censoring any news item or video that purports to show that fraud actually did occur.

Then you have the Storm Troopers, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd, who threaten to doxx and intimidate anyone willing to stand up to the Narrative.  At least one whistleblower is already in the hospital.  Who wants to be next?

Trump's lawyers are under unbelievable pressure from the media and are being threatened by other lawyers with disbarment for the simple act of representing the president of the United States.  Imagine that!

And the government officials charged with ensuring that the elections are fair?  They're in on the steal!  In many cases, it appears that the election officials are the ones who conducted the fraud.  They're part of the scheme, so of course they will swear that nothing was amiss.

Try calling the cops?  The FBI, when called to "investigate" a truck full of ballots driven across state lines, focuses instead on the whistleblower, a truck-driver who had the guts and temerity to come forward.  They couldn't care less about the illegal voting; they want to threaten and intimidate the whistleblower.

The bias is self-perpetuating.  Would you want to be the one "principled" investigator at the FBI who dug up enough dirt to swing a state against Biden?  What do you think would happen to your career if he won anyway?

Every major institution is out to stop Trump.  So far, it's working.

Our constitution has a straightforward remedy for unfair elections.  Theoretically, our state legislators have the right to challenge the election results and force a recount or, if they so decide, appoint an alternate set of electors.  But who of them has the bravery and will to do so?

Imagine yourself as a state senator.  These guys do not make big bucks — a Georgia state senator has a salary of $17,342 a year, in Arizona it's $24,000, and Nevada gets a per diem only.  You think someone like that is going to put his career in limbo and family into danger by standing up to the combined forces of the media, the mob, and corrupt government officials?  We should thank God for the few willing to do so.

In fact, none of the swing state legislators makes over $100,00 per year, guaranteeing that many do it as a part-time job, basically a hobby.  Would you really put your life and livelihood on the line for that?

The higher you go, the more intense the pressure.  The Supreme Court can dress up their arguments in as fancy language as they please, but it really comes down to a yes-or-no decision.  Will the election stand?

We already know what a squishy coward like Chief Justice Roberts will say; he has no political will whatsoever.  And it's a given that the liberal judges will side with Biden — no one even contemplates otherwise.  Will the remaining justices see fit to exercise their political will, assuming they agree with the premise that the election was tainted?

Imagine the pressure against Amy Coney Barrett, who might be called upon to cast the deciding vote in one of the most important decisions of our lifetime — in her first few weeks on the job.  Does she have the guts to do what she feels is right and risk becoming an avatar for left-wing hate for all time?

I have no doubt that Joe Biden has the killer instinct in spades.  A guy who used his diplomatic contacts in Ukraine, Russia, and China to get millions in bribes for his family wouldn't think twice about cheating to get ahead.  He knew that the fix was in; that's why he never left his basement.

President Trump has the political will, but it's unsure if he has the requisite killer instinct.  For better or worse, Trump is a nice guy who wants to do what is best for his country.  Ideally, he should fire Bill Barr and FBI director Chris Wray, then start a real investigation into the election fraud.  Plow full speed ahead, despite the howls from the media and elsewhere that he's staging a coup.

Trump may very well decide that the potential harm to the country is not worth the battle.  I sincerely hope he doesn't.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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