Facebook is censoring information about the election

Twitter has been more heavy-handed than Facebook when it comes to censoring ideas and information from the conservative side of the spectrum, but don't think for a minute that Facebook isn't involved.  Just today, I grabbed screenshots of Facebook going after a video showing ES&S machines transferring vote ratios between precincts in Philadelphia.

Today, when I made one of my rare visits to Facebook, this was the first thing I saw:

As is clear from the image above, the linked Rumble page (which was posted on November 20) has the title "Smoking Gun: ES&S Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA."  However, Facebook loudly announces that this is "False Information" that's been "checked by independent fact-checkers."  And what does the "fact check" say?  "Philadelphia does not use Dominion Voting Systems technology."

The link is to a November 22 AP article by Ali Swenson, who I'm absolutely certain is a 10th-grade "mean girl" who got a gig at the AP because someone owes her daddy a favor.  Okay, that's probably not who she really is, but that's how she writes.

What's fascinating is the depth of Ali's debunking.  To borrow what Democrats used to say about Ronald Reagan, you can wade through Ali's deepest thoughts without getting your ankles wet.

Ali's attack consists almost entirely of saying Philadelphia doesn't use Dominion Voting Systems.  That's a meritorious claim, and, indeed, if you go to the Rumble video, you'll see that Edward Solomon, who posted the video, must originally have referred to Philadelphia and Dominion.  Thus, he has appended an "Update: The voting system was not Dominion but ES&S," and he makes clear that he's talking about Pennsylvania.  In addition, his lengthy discussion about the video's contents repeatedly refers to ES&S and Pennsylvania.

Although I'm assuming here, my bet is that Edward Solomon corrected the Rumble page very soon after Ali's article came out.  Nevertheless, the geniuses at Facebook still accuse the page of having "False Information."  I'm also assuming that dozens of people have informed Facebook that the error is gone but that Facebook's opaque communication pages are even worse than usual.  Nothing will change.

But to get back to Ali.  Having pointed out an easily remediable error, one would think she would get to the video's substance and debunk that, detail by detail.  After all, the video claims that studying the New York Times feed for Pennsylvania reveals that ES&S was milking votes from Trump and giving them to Biden or to an inevitably losing third party.  The third party was necessary to make the transfers to Biden less obvious.  This is, as Solomon said, a smoking gun.

So, what's Ali's analysis, which presumably justifies claiming the video is false long after Solomon made the correction?  This:

Election security experts concur that there's no evidence such fraudulent activities occurred — a broad coalition of top government and election industry officials released a statement on Nov. 12 saying the Nov. 3 election was the "most secure in American history."

That's it.  "Experts" and "top government and election industry officials" want everyone to know that they did not do anything wrong.

At City Journal, James B. Miegs wrote a much quoted article entitled "The Chump Effect: Progressive policies penalize those who play by the rules and shower benefits on those who don't."  Miegs's focus is the Democrats' plan is to suck taxes from those who skipped college, saved for it, went to less prestigious schools, or worked to pay off their debt to erase debt held by people who spent $300,000 for a Womyn's or Queer Studies degree.

Another aspect of this "chump effect" is seen with this election, with Democrats and their fellow leftist travelers expecting us to believe that Biden won this election.  "Trust us," they say.  "A corrupt, incoherent, doddering old fool who couldn't get 12 people to a rally, got over 80 million votes, including winning more black votes than Obama in 2008, even though Trump increased his share of black votes by 50%."

That same "you're a chump" approach was clear in Jack Dorsey's and Mark Zuckerberg's recent testimony in Congress.  First, a reminder about the men who control most communication in America:

These are not normal people.  Second, as you may recall, Dorsey and Zuckerberg weren't even trying.  They had no information and no honesty.  They effectively sneered at United States senators, saying without getting specific that senators are powerless chumps compared to our new tech masters.

Whether on Facebook, on Twitter, or in the Senate, these people think you're stupid, and they're no longer trying to hide it.  If we bow down to them, they will be proven correct.

Images by Andrea Widburg.

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