Even if Biden gets the White House, it will be a misbegotten presidency

Democrats currently believe they're in the catbird seat.  You just know that they're envisioning an unending string of successes that will turn America into the perfect socialist oligarchy.  To them, that's a happy ending, overturning the evil empire that America has been since 1619.  If they knew their Bible, though, they'd know that their dreams are like a house built on sand.  They cannot last.

The sand is the fact that to create an illusion of victory sufficient to obscure election fraud, Democrats had to cobble together a constituency.  However, it's a Frankenstein's monster.  Republicans are bound by shared values: patriotism, fealty to the constitution, faith in the wisdom of the marketplace, a traditional morality, etc.  They come together naturally and easily with these beliefs.

Democrats, though, built a fragile constituency based upon identity politics and the chimerical belief that "intersectionality" binds these disparate groups together.  In fact, The only thing that binds Democrat voters together is their hatred for America and their sense of victimization.  It's that victimization that's going to be their undoing because Democrat voters are in a race for the dross crown at the bottom of the sewer.

Each identity group, to get its share of the government spoils that make up a socialist oligarchy, must prove that it is the most downtrodden.  These disparate groups can point at white men and other evil white people for only so long.  At a certain point, they're going to have to break down and start fighting each other.

Over at the Power Line blog, Steven Hayward has identified a beautiful moment of Democrat infighting that's already shot down Biden's first choice for head of the Environmental Protection Agency.  (We'll take it as given here at American Thinker that any Democrat choice is going to be a disaster for America.  This post is not about that issue.)

It turns out that Mary D. Nichols, who came up through California's suicide pact environmental system, while fully alive to the fact that humans are destroying the environment, neglected to pay attention to the fact that white humans are destroying the environments in which black humans live.  Oh, the humanity!

The New York Times, which has yet to write a word about Eric Swalwell's close relationship with a Chinese spy, is all over the story of the awful white woman and her failure to be racially sensitive with her environmental concerns.  After talking about Nichols's supposed lock on the role, the Times says the wheels instantly fell off her bus:

Now Mr. Biden's team is scrambling to find someone else, according to several people who have spoken with the presidential transition team. The chief reason: This month, a group of more than 70 environmental justice groups wrote to the Biden transition charging that Ms. Nichols has a "bleak track record in addressing environmental racism."

The environmental justice groups cited Ms. Nichols's role in pushing California's cap-and-trade program, which is designed to broadly reduce pollution of planet-warming greenhouse gases — but disproportionately does so at the expense, the groups said, of communities of color by exposing them to more pollutants like smog and soot.

Even the Times is recognizing that all may not be wonderful in the upcoming Biden/Harris utopia:

The influence of those groups, and Mr. Biden's reactions to their push, appears to be another signal of the increasing tensions between the left and moderate factions of the Democratic Party. Mr. Biden has already been subject to criticism from the left for some of his cabinet picks, even as he explicitly attempts to build a cabinet of racial and gender diversity.

Hayward, who has been on top of the environmental issue forever, has the last word about the old-line environmental people and the up and coming harder leftists readying themselves for a good purge:

I first ran across Mary Nichols 30 years ago, when she was with the Natural Resources Defense Council, and was shocked at how radical and power mad she is. I wonder whether environmental groups will take any lessons from this, for I can assure you that the old mainline groups like EDF, NRDC, the Sierra Club, etc., all love Nichols and want her as head of the EPA. But they are terrified of the racial justice groups, even though they know that most of their claims about "environmental racism" in California under Nichols are unfounded or grossly exaggerated.

There may be hard times ahead for America, but at least we know that we'll still have the pleasure of watching the Democrats decompose before our eyes.

Image: Intersectionality chart.

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