Enemies of the country

Who are the enemies of the United States?  It is a long list.  I define "enemy" as someone who would commit a serious federal crime or look the other way when it occurs.

On 3 November 2020, there was a presidential election in which voter fraud was alleged in at least six states.  Was there voter fraud?  In the previous three presidential elections, the total number of votes was between 127 million and 129 million.  In this election, it was 155 million.  This is a 20 percent increase.  The increase for Trump is expected.  He did a great job as president.  The increase for Biden can only be explained as voter fraud.

The people who performed the voter fraud are enemies of the country.  They voted on behalf of others, including dead people.  They brought in suitcases of ballots to be counted after poll watchers were expelled.

They fed ballots into machines multiple times.  They counted invalid ballots.  They programmed voter machines to change the tallies and to reject ballots, so that poll workers could put in what they wanted.  People who do such things are felons.

If one suddenly had an extra million dollars in his possession, the government would see this as sufficient evidence to look for a crime.  Biden's sudden "popularity" is also sufficient evidence to launch an investigation.  Every district attorney in the contested states should be looking for voter fraud.  The fact that they do not means that they are enemies.

Every state attorney general and US Attorney in these states are looking the other way.  They are enemies.

The governors and secretaries of state who certified the elections in these states are enemies.

Trump and others tried to contest the fraud in court.  Every court that dismissed the cases without looking at the evidence is an enemy.  This includes the Supreme Court.

The intelligence community, under Executive Order 13848, must submit an assessment of foreign influence on our elections by 18 December 2020.  They announced that their assessment will be published in January.  I assume that it will be late January, after it no longer matters.  They disobeyed an executive order.  They are enemies.

In a poll done by the Survey for the Performance of American Elections, people were asked "How confident are you that votes nationwide were counted as the voters intended?"  In 2012, 84% of the Democrats, satisfied with Obama winning, said that they were confident.  This year, 93% of the Democrats said that they were confident.  Why were they 9% more likely to be confident that this was a fair election?  Because they know that it is not fair, but they want people to believe that it is.  The Democrat voters enjoy the voter fraud, so they lied to the pollsters.  They are enemies, too.

Since the Democrats in Congress plan to certify the election on 6 January 2021, they are also enemies, but this should not surprise anyone.

Who are not enemies?  The lawyers taking Trump's side, such as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, even though they are angering the Deep State.  Also, the congressmen who plan to contest the fraudulent electors on January 6.  We still have some people with guts.  They may yet save this country from tyranny.  Let us wish them well.

Photo credit: Screengrab from Team Trump Twitter video

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