Emmet Sullivan finally dismisses the case against Michael Flynn

The FBI made up a case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and the Department of Justice pursued it.  Flynn, with his finances destroyed, his children threatened, and a compromised law firm giving him bad advice, accepted a plea bargain requiring him to admit guilt.  Then Sidney Powell, a crusader for truth, came along.  She forced the government to disgorge documents showing Flynn's innocence, so the DOJ agreed to dismiss the case.  The morally corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan refused to dismiss the case, engaging in a variety of wrongful efforts to avoid his legal responsibilities.  With Trump's pardon, Sullivan finally, reluctantly, did his duty, but in the meanest, most graceless and petty way imaginable.

As I think I've made more than clear during my time at American Thinker, I have nothing but disdain for activist judges.  These are people whose fealty is not to the Constitution or the law.  It is, instead, to their leftist political values.  They decide cases based upon the place the parties have in the leftist political hierarchy and then retrofit a pastiche of laws to create a simulacrum of a valid legal ruling.  These are not stupid people; they are morally unethical people who hope that you are either stupid or intimidated (as you probably should be) by the power they wield.

Although Sullivan tried his best to keep the case against Flynn alive, which meant ignoring both the Constitution and all controlling legal precedent, when Trump pardoned Flynn, the case was over.  Nevertheless, Sullivan did not dismiss the case.

Some people wondered if Sullivan was hoping that, if he could keep Flynn in the courtroom until a Biden presidency, the new Biden Justice Department could pony up some charges that would keep Flynn entrapped in the legal web.  Others assumed Sullivan was just trying to draw out the agony and, of course, increase Flynn's costs.  (The fact that Flynn's been financially destroyed is just one of the punishments the Deep State has for those who cross it.)

It turns out that what was taking Sullivan so long was his narcissistic, compulsive need to write a 23-page decision saying he still thinks Flynn is guilty — never mind that the documents the FBI and DOJ finally, reluctantly, released show that Flynn was innocent of all charges and that the FBI knew this.

General Flynn is finally free of the corrupt attack on his integrity and liberty.  I hope he gets wonderful speaking gigs that replenish his bank account and then some.

What's irksome is knowing that Judge Sullivan will never get his just reward.  He doesn't care that I, a lowly conservative writer, revile him.  His colleagues, including "conservative" judges, will speak of him in the hushed, reverent tones reserved for even the worst of this black-robed cadre; he'll retire with honor; and he'll live the lush life on a generous government retirement fund.  This can't be what the founders intended when they established the federal judiciary.

Image: Emmet Sullivan.  Public domain.