Don’t miss the ‘Fight for Trump!’ video

If you are not among the millions of people who have seen the “Fight for Trump!” video on Twitter (or the 52,000 who have seen it on YouTube), don’t miss it, embedded below in both versions.  It is one minute and thirty-nine seconds of inspiration for those of us who understand the depth of evil perpetrated in stealing the election.

One point vividly made is that Trump is the head of a worldwide populist movement dedicated to fighting the rise of two interlocked tyrannies:  a corrupt globalist ruling class in the still-democratic (but barely, perhaps even nominally so) advanced nations, in bed with the corrupt and utterly ruthless Chinese Communist Party. This video makes the point that, as lonely as it may feel with virtually the entire major media demonizing anyone who complains about election fraud, we are not alone.

The credits list Kagwar as responsible for the video, an outfit previously unknown to me. But they have an online shop for posters and the slogan “Memes are forever.”  I am going to keep an eye on them for further material.

Below is the tweet sent by President Trump with the video, and below that, YouTube’s version, one second shorter.



Photo credits: Twitter video screengrabs

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