Democrats' top priority is always bigger government and more power for themselves

On Friday, I heard Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, say it would be a tragedy if Congress didn't pass a funding bill to keep the government open.

This is a load of forked-tongue hypocrisy.  I have never heard Durbin say it is a tragedy:

That so many politicians and bureaucrats are destroying jobs and businesses in the private sector.  For nine months, businesses and individual lives in the private sector have intentionally been destroyed, and the Democrats support the continued intentional destruction.  They claim that their lockdown decisions are based on science, but we repeatedly see that that is a lie.  Durbin and other Democrats support non-essential workers losing their jobs and paychecks.  The lockdowns are causing great harm to the poor, the middle class, minorities, the less educated, women, and small businesses.  Democrats pretend to care about these groups when they beg for votes.

That schools remain closed despite scientific evidence that they should be open.  The poor, minorities, and special needs kids are being permanently harmed.  Democrats claim they care about the kids and science, but they support the politicians who are keeping schools closed.

That so many are dying from suicide and drug overdoses because they are depressed by the lockdowns.  I have seen stories that 25% of young people under age 25 have contemplated suicide.  

According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths are up 38.4%.

Why don't we see all the sadness of young people dying on the news because of politicians' actions?  The answer is that it doesn't fit the agenda.

After all, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and four other blue-state governors forced nursing homes to accept people with COVID, and tens of thousands died.  The Democrats running the media never report on these dangerous politicians.

But Durbin calls it a tragedy if government workers, who he knows will get their full pay and benefits, are told to stay home from work for a few days because of a budget impasse.

I would say the priorities of career politicians are screwed up.

The way to get everyone back to work would be to cut off the pay and benefits of politicians and other non-essential government workers so they suffer the same fate as those in the private sector that the politicians have chosen to harm for the past nine months.  We could also declare that Planned Parenthood is non-essential until the other people whom politicians declared "non-essential" are back to work.

It is a tragedy that career politicians like Schumer, Pelosi, and Durbin cared more about winning the election than helping the businesses and individuals they are intentionally destroying.  They used the virus and the lockdowns to scare the public into believing that voting by mail was necessary.  They knew that universal voting by mail is ripe for fraud and didn't care.  The media and other Democrats also didn't care that politicians and bureaucrats in several states violated their laws and the Constitution in the 2020 election.  They continue to lie by repeating the talking point that there was no fraud in the election.

Pelosi, Schumer and Durbin believed the fake media polls that they were going to win seats in a landslide, so they stonewalled aid to the individuals and businesses they decided to destroy.

It is dangerous when politicians and bureaucrats pick and choose who is non-essential and who is essential.  All workers are essential for themselves and for those who hire them.

They also held back funds from the private sector as they begged for funds for states and cities who had always paid their employees as they were intentionally destroying businesses and jobs.

Then they held back funds because their trial lawyer friends couldn't stand the thought that businesses could have limited liability protection from greedy lawyers and lawsuits if someone happened to get sick from a virus.

Democrats pretend they care about the poor and middle class, but their policies cater to billionaires.  The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, benefits greatly the longer the non-science-based lockdowns continue.  His toy, the Washington Post, always supports the lockdowns and never reports on how many people at Amazon warehouses have gotten sick or died from the virus.  I bet it's higher than the number at schools or from restaurants.

The billionaires at Twitter, Facebook, and Google benefit greatly as more people shop on the internet and more small business are being intentionally destroyed.  They bury information from scientists and doctors who disagree with the lockdowns.  They also bury corruption stories on Joe Biden as they actively campaign for him and donate to him.

One especially despicable billionaire is Bill Gates, who continues to amass his fortune while he supports long lockdowns.  He supports China and the World Health Organization even though they lied to the world about the virus and said it wouldn't spread human to human.  They've been curiously silent, though, about a recent report from Wuhan, which, after monitoring 10,000,000 people, found that asymptomatic people do not spread the virus.

There will be another great tragedy if Biden and his Cabinet get their way and get what they want, which is to get rid of oil.  Tens of millions of jobs will be destroyed in the private sector while government workers and the rich will do very well.  The same people, the poor, the middle class, the less educated, and minorities, who are being destroyed by the actions of government on the virus will be destroyed by any version of this green new deal.

And not one person seeking to destroy the economy will be asked this simple question before the intentional destruction begins.

Can you please provide one piece of scientific data from the last 150 years that shows a direct link between oil consumption and temperature, sea levels, and storm activity?  There is none, and the debate has been cut off.  Why would we commit national suicide by getting rid of oil when China, Russia, and Iran won't?

Why are we saving the airline industry now when the Democrats are so anxious to destroy it?  Boeing and all defense contractors will be destroyed if we follow Democrat policies.

Democrats always say they want to reduce income inequality, but every one of their policies confiscates more power, money, and freedom from the private sector and gives it all to the government.  Their policies seek to make more people dependent on government instead of giving them the opportunity to move up the economic ladder.  Any move toward socialism will destroy our great country.  It is not a surprise that several of the richest counties in America are around Washington, D.C., where they produce nothing but bureaucracy. 

The greatest tragedy of all is that less than 250 years after our founding, when journalists were given freedom of the press to hold the powerful to account, we see that they are failing.  Instead of investigating corrupt politicians, they campaign for them.  Instead of supporting politicians who seek to give the money, the power, and the freedom to the people, they seek to destroy and defeat them.

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