Deep State's deep bench at the DOJ spells trouble ahead for political persecution of conservatives and investigation of election fraud

The Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice may be the most oxymoronically named unit within the federal government.  And a recent change in leadership there spells more unjust political persecution for conservative office-holders, including former representative Steve Stockman, recently released from federal prison (where he contracted COVID) thanks to a commutation of his sentence by President Trump.

The Public Integrity Section (PIS) has been missing in action when it comes to investigations of vote fraud in the presidential election.  Its former head resigned in a huff six days after the election, rejecting then-A.G. Barr's authorization for investigating voter fraud:

A Justice Department career official who oversees the DOJ's election crimes unit resigned on Monday night, several hours after Attorney General Bill Barr issued a new Trump-friendly policy authorizing investigations into allegations of mass voter fraud before the election results are certified.

Richard Pilger, the director of the election crimes branch at the department's Public Integrity Section (PIN), sent an email to his colleagues announcing that he was stepping down in response to the new rule.

His replacement was no better.  Ben Wetmore explains in a must-read post from Gateway Pundit late last month:

The DOJ appointed Robert Heberle, the acting Chief of the "Public Integrity Section" (PIS) of the Criminal Division of the Department, to investigate and prosecute "election related" crimes two weeks ago. This followed in the wake of the very public resignation of the prior prosecutor who refused to follow the President's agenda. Heberle and PIS are notorious for prosecuting conservatives and being hitmen for conservative politicians.

Heberle is a 36 year old Yale Law graduate, and is known for the prosecution of innocent Congressman Steve Stockman, convicted of fraud when both donors in his trial admitted that they were not defrauded, did not feel defrauded, and where all the government witnesses admitted there was no fraudulent scheme pushed upon those donors. Stockman is serving a ten-year prison sentence for fundraising crimes, even though by all accounts he did not take the money involved. [emphases in the original]

Heberle is the hit man who went after Stockman in the first place, and now he is in a position to seek other charges to bring against him, and secure a conviction before a D.C. jury, full of rabid haters of Republican conservatives.

PIS is the unit that outrageously prosecuted Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, getting him defeated for re-election so the 60th vote could be in place to pass Obamacare:

Stevens was ultimately exonerated by the Court prior to sentencing only because an internal FBI whistleblower came forward to say that critical witnesses were coerced, evidence of innocence was withheld, estimates used to indict Stevens were completely fabricated, and trial witnesses that were harmful to the government's prosecution were flown out of the area to make them impossible to find. The crimes of this Section were so serious they caused former Attorney General Holder to immediately dismiss the case and order an internal investigation. That investigation about prosecutorial misconduct caused prosecutor Nicholas Marsh to commit suicide. (snip)

The “Public Integrity Section” that Heberle comes out of also engaged in the spurious prosecution fo Ron Paul staffers Jesse Benton and Dmitri Kesari, over paperwork crimes that came down to the manner in which they reported expenses on campaign finance forms, and whether it was accurate to classify a vendor payment as also enticing a sitting State Senator to change his political allegiance. Benton served probation and Kesari served 90 pointless days for that paperwork crime.

Heberle is a ticking time bomb, weaponizing the partisans at the DOJ:

[T]here were almost 10 times as many Clinton donors as Trump donors among those who listed DOJ as their employer during the 2016 campaign.

So much for justice being blind in D.C.

Hat tip: Mark J. Fitzgibbons.

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