COVID lockdowns are the communists getting rid of the productive peasants

Why does the left stick with shutdowns when it's clear that they destroy small business?  Simple.  That's the signature of communists consolidating their power. When the Bolsheviks took over in 1917 Russia, they went around killing off anyone who questioned them in the slightest way.  The peasants rebelled, ushering in the period of War Communism.  The Red Army took all the grain and foodstuffs from the peasantry so there wasn't even anything to plant for the following year.  Famine ensued. A few years on, Lenin, seeing that something had to be done, declared his NEP (New Economic Policy), which allowed limited capitalism.  The economy roared back, led by the so-called kulaks, the ablest peasants who knew how to run farms successfully and who prospered when turned loose.  Stalin would consider them traitors to the revolution for not giving it their literal all.  His revenge would be...(Read Full Post)