Colleges churning out leftist voters

The Democrat party is rapidly becoming a party of elites, a professional-managerial class comprising those who believe they are smarter than others who haven't spent years in higher education.  College-educated voters now vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, far more so than at any other time in American history.

According to the Wall Street Journal's analysis of the 2020 election, former vice president Joe Biden carried 84 out of the 100 counties with the largest share of residents holding a bachelor's degree or greater.  The analysis, based upon the United States Census Bureau's five-year American Community Survey, also shows how rapidly the voting habits of the college-educated have changed.  In 1980, for example, Republicans won 76 out of those 100 "most educated" counties.  Democrats won 24.  But in the 1990s, Democrats began winning a majority of these counties.  And by 2008, Republicans were winning fewer than one quarter of the counties.

Similarly, a recent Pew Research Center report found, "Democrats increasingly dominate in party identification among white college graduates," while "Republicans increasingly dominate in party affiliation among white non-college voters."  It noted that Democrats hold an incredible 49-point lead over Republicans among urban Northeasterners.

None of this is coincidence or happenstance.  The dramatic increase in the number of college-educated persons voting for Democrats began shortly after the colleges switched their primary mission from education and mind expansion to indoctrination and social justice warring.  The college-educated tend to be open to any kind of diversity except that of thought, the only kind that really matters.  They think monolithically, not as individuals, as they are taught that identity politics and groupthink are more important than personal autonomy.

They tend to be open to almost any type of social or cultural change as they are taught to loathe history and traditional values.  They are secular, not religious, woke, not logical.  And as is the case with many who think they are "highly educated," they don't know how much they don't know.  In contrast are the truly intelligent, who generally realize how little they know and that each question answered leads to more unanswered — and possibly unanswerable — questions for us mere mortals.  So they march on, robotically, literally and figuratively chanting and repeating their inane mantras, looking down on those who don't share the views they've had injected into them, unaware of how unaware they are, voting for Democrats in ever increasing numbers.

And now the large majority of students entering most of the iconic colleges and universities are much more "progressive" than those of a couple of decades ago.  A recent poll found that just 7.4% of incoming Harvard students identified as conservative.  Similar percentages can surely be found in many other bastions of higher education around the country.

And if students aren't predisposed to leftist politics upon entering their chosen school, you can be nearly certain that they will be upon leaving it.  Why do you think Democrats are so insistent that everyone go to college?  Why are they so hell-bent on providing government assistance to do so?  And why do they now believe in forgiving student loan debt?  Because they are running a perfect — and self-sustaining — scam.  Yet another in a long line of them.  They are manufacturing their own voters.  (It is almost mindful of the classic horror movie The Invasion of the Body Snatchers...but in this case, it is minds they are snatching.  Even more chilling.)

College students have fallen for the bizarre Marxist dogma with which they are being spoon-fed.  They are neither curious of nor questioning what their elders and teachers are telling them to believe, as was the case in the 1960s.  They are not resisting; they are not rebellious; they are meekly complying with the obvious coercion.  They are protesting not for free speech and the right to think what they will as individuals, but against those very concepts.

That is not progress, but a sad regression.  This is not a renaissance, but a decline.  It is not a revolution, but a devolution.

College faculty bestow nearly all of their campaign donations to Democrats, as well, often around 95%.  There are now little more autonomy and diversity of thought and action among those on campus as there were among the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.  A one-party state is a disaster for all but its rulers.  See also: the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's Cambodia...and modern-day North Korea, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Photo credit: Kip from PittsburghCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.