Biden may finally get his presidential library, but who, exactly, will be sitting behind the Resolute desk?

After Joe Biden's "victory" speech on Monday, who could believe that that coughing clod will be making decisions in the Oval Office?  He had two minor tasks: (1) don't fall over, and (2) read words out loud.  He barely survived.  

On social media, a lot of Democrats seemed surprised by Joe's decrepit state, but then again, the Democrats had to hide their presidential candidate for nearly a year just to make his "win" seem plausible.  Most of his real voters were seeing him speak live for the very first time, even if he seemed less alive the longer he spoke.  

That's how you know the Pravda press in America is working.  Not only did the "guardians" of free speech successfully smother the New York Post's reporting on the Biden family's corruption, but they also managed to trick their readers into believing that Joe's mind wasn't mush.  

If Biden's handlers ever allow him to interact with the same news media propping up his presidency, expect hard-hitting White House reporters to lob questions as dicey as "What color do you feel like today and why?"  That's the gold standard we can anticipate from the modern American journalists eager to protect "their man in Washington."  

Otherwise, we aren't likely to see the "pretend president" in any format not pre-recorded.

Joe's presence is just for show anyway.  That's why he was "installed," not elected.  He's always been a Trojan horse for some other power.  We get that.  What Americans are dying to know is just who or what is about to come pouring out of Biden's wooden horse now that the Establishment Club has wheeled it inside the nation's gates.  This is all so new in the United States.  Unlike other "banana republics," we haven't had the chance to enjoy the excitement of not knowing whether an intelligence agency faction, some former president, an unknown corporate oligarchy, or even a hostile foreign power is calling the shots.  We did get to see how all our votes for Trump magically turned into votes for Biden, but what happens next is anyone's guess.  ChinaIran, and Venezuela all seem thrilled about Biden's pretend presidency, so we know the real person in charge must be keeping the best company.

If history is a guide, the new government will be coming for our guns.  It's the first order of business for any ruling class desperate to hold on to power: disarm the public for the public's own good.  And what do you know?  Biden's spokespeople are already pushing gun confiscation before he even takes office.  "Free men have arms; slaves do not."  That's pretty much all you need to know.

You might ask: "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"  That's a great question, but if the government has a really good reason for taking our liberties, then who are we to refuse?  Are we in charge, or are they?

Either way, Americans hardly flinched while they were conditioned over the last year to obey government authorities whenever "experts" deem something a "health emergency."  You didn't think our enlightened rulers would stop issuing mandates once the Chinese flu gets under control, did you?  They've been awfully impressed with how quickly we all got in line and did exactly what they commanded.  They've spent decades trying to scare us to death with dire global warming predictions so that we would hand them complete control over our economy, and little did they know that a global pandemic is all it would take for them to succeed.  Now we can look forward to "gun violence" health emergencies and "systemic racism" health emergencies and "climate" health emergencies.  There's really no end in sight.  As long as something is declared "life or death" by certified experts, then the people will be expected to comply.  

Complying with government directives is still a choice, but whatever you say or do (even when in the privacy of your own home) may affect the social credit score attached to your Social Security number for the rest of your life.  You might not think you have a social credit score, but Big Tech has decided to give you one free of charge.  Heck, they've generously assigned social credit scores to all companies and financial institutions, too.  This is the new and improved "progressive trickle-down economics" heading our way.  

Basing a company's financial decisions on its prospects for future profits is a relic of the past designed to perpetuate that dastardly menace known as "patriarchal white supremacy."  Extending financial credit to individuals based on their likelihood of repaying loans is equally outdated.  What matters is whether a person's thoughts are politically "correct."  A person with correct thoughts should be awarded better interest rates, better job opportunities, and better housing options.  A business that rewards correct thoughts should be given better government contracts and tax incentives.  "Merit" is a social construct of the past; with the help of social credit scores, "political correctness" is the metric of the future.  And once politically correct thoughts are properly rewarded, enforcement mechanisms will "trickle down" throughout the economy.  

That's why Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all other Big Tech companies in "good standing" with the government have chosen to enforce the government's directives upon their own users by censoring unapproved thoughts springing up within the populace.  As long as these tech behemoths aren't officially operating as arms of the government, then nobody can legally argue that their enforcement decisions amount to unconstitutional infringements of free speech, right?  Just because Big Tech has a monopoly on the modern "public square," surely, that doesn't mean that it acts as an extension of the government's power, does it?  If you aren't evolved enough to understand why your thoughts should be censored by cubicle kings, then you're always free to build another internet from the ground up, I guess.  What Americans will learn is that they are free to speak their minds but not free from the consequences attached to speaking freely.  

It might not sound like traditional American freedom, but don't worry.  It turns out that the dictionary definition of "freedom" can be altered just as easily as "court-packing" was redefined to comply with Democrats' messaging.  "Trickle down" political correctness doesn't even require a Ministry of Truth to function effectively.  Free people and free institutions learn quickly how to police themselves.  When government is treated like science, and science is declared long settled, then how else can a citizen in good standing behave?  Obedience becomes the only politically correct option.

Biden may finally get his presidential library, but who will be sitting behind the Resolute desk?  I guess we'll have to wait until Joe's inauguration to find out.  The suspense is almost too much to bear. 

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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