Be sure to thank the good guys

Election fraud is outrageous enough.  The fact that it has been allowed to stand because almost no one with any power wants to intervene is shocking beyond words.

And while we're overflowing with rage, fear, confusion, and disgust, there are a few good men who have stood strong and steadfast with President Trump, on the side of truth, the Constitution, and the United States of America.

We should thank them.  Don't worry about whether you live in their districts or even their states.  Stand with them as they stand with us.

Noted below is the growing list of congressmen who will challenge the Electoral College votes (here and here), though the numbers are still shamefully small.  The group of patriots also includes newly elected representatives who don't yet have official websites as elective officeholders.

If you click into each embedded link and scroll to the bottom of the home page, you'll find a list of office locations along with phone numbers.  If you call their Washington, D.C. office after hours, you may find that the mailbox is full, but you can usually get through to leave a message if you call a local office.  If you prefer to send an email, click on the "contact" option on the main page.

Louie Gohmert, (TX; here): Congressman Gohmert is leading the charge and has sued Vice President Pence in an effort to pressure him to overturn the votes.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

Mo Brooks (AL; here): Mo Brooks is also leading the charge, as he was, perhaps, the first elected official to stand with Trump and commit to challenging the votes.

Brian Babin (TX; here)

Lance Gooden (TX; here)

Randy Weber (TX; here)

Matt Gaetz (FL; here)

Gregory Steube (FL; here)

Ted Budd (NC; here)

David Rouzer (NC; here)

Andy Biggs (AZ; here)

Paul Gosar (AZ; here)

Ralph Norman (SC; here)

Jeff Duncan (SC; here)

Scott DesJarlais (TN; here)

Mike Garcia (CA; here)

Jody Hice (GA; here)

Mike Kelly (PA, here)

Mike Rogers (AL; here)

Jim Banks (IN; here)

Bob Gibbs (OH; here)

Newly elected representatives who have not yet been sworn in:

Madison Cawthorn (NC)

Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA)

That's it.

Out of hundreds of congressional representatives, we've got a couple dozen, at best, who understand what's at stake.

Where, pray tell, are our presumed warriors?  Where are Dan Crenshaw and Tom Cotton?  Where are all the representatives from states most in question?  Where is every single one of these spineless fools from every single state that is willing to sell us down the river because, apparently, they don't seem to care that our beautiful country is morphing into a Venezuela-styled nation with tyrannical rule?

I wonder what they'll think when they lose the next election — not, by the way, because we voted them out (which we should make every effort to do for whatever it may be worth), but because the left won't repeat this year's mistake and ignore down-ticket races as targets for fraud.

Meanwhile, as of this writing and to the best of my knowledge, there are no senators who have committed to challenging the votes.  A couple have hinted that they may, but no one has made a definitive statement.  And as readers surely know, Mitch McConnell is urging all members of the GOP not to challenge the results.  (All a topic for another blog post, but today is mainly for thanks.)

UPDATE: BREAKING: Josh Hawley announces he will 'object' to electoral votes on Jan 6th

Another tireless patriot who is not an elected official and who deserves much gratitude is Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch (website: here; contact page: here).

I hope readers will take a little time out of their day to thank these men and urge them to continue to pressure their colleagues to join the ranks.

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