An overflowing toilet of corruption: Biden picks Xavier Becerra as his health chief

Of all the Democrats out there, why would Joe Biden pick Xavier Becerra, a former congressman and California state attorney general, to be his secretary of Health and Human Services? 

Like Hunter Biden, Becerra has zero experience, in his case with health and welfare issues, having focused on trade, immigration, and law enforcement while in his well padded government jobs.  He's adept at corruption, though, with scandals everywhere he ever went.

On the inside-baseball political side, sure, he's probably been picked to fill a "Latino" slot, but more likely, the important reason is that it's a political payoff to the election-rigging one-party California Democratic machine — Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, etc.  That is Biden's model for the country now, so maybe it's not surprising that he's reaching deep into California, a state he has no ties to, for talent. 

But that leaves the U.S. stuck with Becerra, and don't think there won't be a raft of incompetence, corruption, and scandal as a result.

Corruption is what he does.  Take a look at some of his recent scandals.

Twitchy reminds of this one, calling Becerra's appointment a #MeToo headache for presumptive vice president Kamala Harris, who employed a serial pervy sex-harasser named Larry Wallace as her top law enforcement division man.

I'm going to argue it's also Becerra's scandal, too, and no, I don't think the presence of Becerra is going to make Harris uncomfortable.  #HeelsUpHarris is incapable of shame.  CNN reports that this is what happened:

[Plaintiff] Hartley alleges that while working as Wallace's assistant, he would ask her daily to refill paper or replace the ink in a printer that was located on the floor under his desk. She says that asked him to move the printer to a different location so that she would not have "to bend down on her knees under the desk in her dresses and skirts, but Wallace refused."

"Many times, Wallace would ask her to put paper in the printer while he was sitting at his desk or with other male executives from the (Division of Law Enforcement) in the room," the lawsuit says.

In addition, Hartley alleged that Wallace asked her to book flights for his children, wash his car and run personal errands for him. She said other employees mocked her for carrying out those tasks, with hostile comments like: "Are you walking the walk of shame?" She alleges that California state Justice Department officials were aware of the comments.

After informing one of her supervisors about Wallace's alleged behavior, she says she was subjected to retaliation by being involuntarily moved to a new job.

In answer to the lawsuit, the DOJ denied the allegations, according to court documents. 

The lawsuit was settled by the Department of Justice in May 2017, though they continued to deny the claims, after Xavier Becerra had assumed the role of attorney general. By that time, Wallace was working as a senior adviser to Harris in her Sacramento office.

Here's why it's Becerra's scandal.  The state paid out a huge $400,000 settlement while Wallace walked off scot-free, un-prosecuted, and taking another well padded job in Contra Costa County, investigating "corruption."  Someone protected this toad.  Becerra had the wherewithal to prosecute him and didn't.  Political protection comes to mind, with the California taxpayers making the hush-money payoff.  Very convenient for Harris.

Here's another: Becerra did a few terms in Congress and got enmeshed with the Imran Awan scandal, two apparent Pakistani spies who eavesdropped on the Democratic Congress's emails.  When lawmen tried to get to the bottom of it, they asked for the hacked server, just a copy.

But according to the Daily Caller News Foundation:

On Jan. 24, 2017, Becerra vacated his congressional seat to become California's attorney general. "He wanted to wipe his server, and we [a 'senior official'] brought to his attention it was under investigation. The light-off was we asked for an image of the server, and they deliberately turned over a fake server," the senior official said.

A fake server?  Why isn't he in jail?  This is a political thug who's capable of anything.  Someone protected him.  I wrote about that here.

It gets worse.  Here's a little about his law enforcement record prior to his becoming California attorney general, according to the Los Angeles Times in 2008, when President Obama floated his name as his trade representative:


President-elect Barack Obama's offer to make Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) the next U.S. trade representative makes him the second Cabinet-level candidate to have been involved in President Clinton's controversial 2001 commutation of a Los Angeles cocaine dealer's prison sentence.

The other is Eric H. Holder Jr., whom Obama has nominated to be attorney general.

The dealer, Carlos Vignali, was convicted in 1994 for his role in a drug ring that delivered more than 800 pounds of cocaine — worth about $5 million at the time — from Los Angeles to Minneapolis. He was released after serving less than half of his 14 1/2 -year sentence.

Becerra was one of a number of Southern California political leaders who urged Clinton to consider commuting Vignali's prison term in response to a campaign by Vignali's father, Horacio, a Los Angeles businessman and developer who contributed to Becerra's political campaigns. The senior Vignali also paid Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham, $204,000 to lobby for his son's release.

Pay to play, the Becerra way.  Sure, the story and its angry editorials sank his prospects.  (Imagine him browbeating Colombia over drugs to block its free trade pact with the U.S. with a record like that.  Imagine what they'd say in Mexico.)  But the more pertinent question now is, why wasn't he prosecuted for that?

He's also quite a jerk to young Latinos — I wrote about his nasty behavior to them when he paid a visit to a Los Angeles college in 2013.  There's undoubtedly a whole raft of scandals linked to his name because he's a big reason why California is what it's become.  These scandals are just a sampling, and a deep dive will undoubtedly reveal that he's more corruption than actual pol.  It's as though Joe Biden is surrounding himself with men like himself.

Why, again, is Becerra being floated to get his hands on the levers of power (and incoming piles of cash) of the vast health and Obamacare apparatus?  This guy is as corrupt as they come.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.