An Oregon teacher’s viral, obscene rant against lockdown protesters

I’ve written before, haven’t I, about the fact that we’ve raised an obscene, self-loathing, non-rational generation of young white women? If I hadn’t written about this before, a single viral video showing a young woman in Bend, Oregon screaming obscenities and threats at a small gathering of anti-lockdown protesters would, on its own, make my case.

Teaching in America is a hyperfeminine career. The Atlantic wrote that,

According to the study, led by the University of Pennsylvania professor Richard Ingersoll, the nation has witnessed a “slow but steady” increase in the share of K–12 educators who are women. During the 1980–81 school year, roughly two in three—67 percent—public-school teachers were women; by the 2015–16 school year, the share of women teachers had grown to more than three in four, at 76 percent. 

One doesn’t need a lot of statistics to understand that young, white, college-educated women who get teaching certificates suffer from all the problems I harp about seeing in other young, white college-educated women: They’ve been taught to be anti-rational, hyper-neurotic, openly emotional, and extremely narcissistic. For example:

The Wuhan virus has exacerbated these qualities. Although the Chicago teacher’s union quickly deleted it, no one who’s been paying attention was surprised by a tweet stating that the mere idea that teachers should return to the classroom was “rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”

The people making this argument are, on average, 42 years old. While it’s always possible that someone that young can be exceptionally unlucky and have a fatal, or near-fatal response to the Wuhan virus, the odds are against it. According to an article from the American Council on Science and Health, a 42-year-old woman has a 0.044% chance of dying from the virus. (Her 42-year-old male peer has a 0.106% chance of dying.)

Meanwhile, the students in their classrooms are even less at risk:

Moreover, it’s apparent that, while children are not virus vectors, being trapped at home is terrible for their academic skills and mental health. This is why teachers outside of America are returning to their classrooms.

But when we think of our young people’s mental health, will they do better at home or suffering under the tender loving care of neurotic, angry, hate-filled young women who have discovered that they like getting a paycheck for minimal or no work? Take, for example, this teacher from the Jefferson County School District. In a now-viral video, she hurled insults and threats at anti-lockdown protesters in Bend, Oregon (a place that has been touched only lightly by the virus):

The epidemic of neurotic white women screaming hysterically in their cars caught Michael Knowles’s attention. His video is a good companion piece to this post:

The glory days of white women shrieking obscenities at police during Black Lives Matter protests may be gone, but for some of them, the thrill of unbridled, hysterical, emotion-driven anger will forever be irresistible.

(And while we’re on the topic, if you don’t mind incredible crude humor – and please take me seriously about how crude the humor is -- I recommend Ryan Long’s comedy team in the short video entitled White Women Say Go Back To Hating White Men or in When Your Mom Is A Feminist.)

Image: Hysterical teacher in Bend, Oregon. Twitter screengrab.

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