Americans need to get their World War II fighting spirit back

In the 1930s, when Japanese military forces attacked China with bullets and bombs, the local populace, for the most part, ran or hid in terror.  Theirs was a nation of warlords, not really a nation in the sense that we understand it.  There was not the kind of patriotic fervor that would motivate the average man to lay down his life for his country.  Let the next guy do it.

In the 1940s, when German Stukas dropped bombs on civilians in Belgium, the locals fled in terror, jamming the roads, along which their British rescuers were attempting to rescue them.  This (as it happens) was the purpose of the bombing.

Contrast all this to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  In spite of it being a place of which many Americans had never heard, when they were told that hundreds of Americans had been killed, the national outrage filled the recruiting offices of all the military forces within hours.

Today, millions of Americans are aware that the nation has been attacked from within, by electoral fraud on a scale so massive that it boggles the imagination.  If the fraud succeeds, an incoming administration has already boasted of the radical changes it will make, including flooding the jobs market with millions of low-wage workers who have no respect for our laws and culture, a trait they share with the Democrat Party.

Undoubtedly, there is outrage at the grassroots level, but where is the patriotic fervor of our elected officials at the federal level?  Why are so many Republican senators hiding under their desks?  Why are so many in the alphabet agencies not only passive, but actually complicit in the fraud?  Why do so many courts, including the highest one, refuse to even hear about it?

These are not just rhetorical questions.  They point to the dismal fact that we are no longer a republic, no longer a self-governing nation, but a populace ruled by self-interested lords and ladies of the realm.  They issue their edicts, hide behind closed-door sessions, literally cover the windows of election offices to conceal their fraud, and then expect us to obey their draconian orders that starve our livelihoods, while they themselves never miss a paycheck — or a hairdresser appointment.

To partially quote a famous line, we are mad as hell.  The question is, are we going to take this anymore?  

We gave a landslide re-election victory to President Donald Trump.  The dark state decided to steal it from us in plain view.  Now those in power expect us to flee, or hide, or to sit idly by while our children's futures are ruined.

Having made every possible attempt to use the system to repair the matter, can the case now be made for Trump to resort to martial law?

Image: Pearl Harbor attack.  Public Domain.

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