A six-minute video sums up 2020's impossible election paradoxes

Patrick Basham, the founding director of the Democracy Institute, while on the Mark Levin show, gave a remarkably lucid explanation for the peculiarities surrounding the election.  He did not focus specifically on the allegations of election fraud.  Instead, he explained that traditional markers associated with an incumbent's almost inevitable victory were all lined up to result in an overwhelming Trump win.  That Trump did not, in fact, win simply makes no sense.

Basham first set out his arguments in a November 27 essay at The Spectator, entitled "Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling: If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank."  One of his main points in that article was that Trump's standing with various groups improved across the board.

This was especially apparent with Trump's support among blacks and Hispanics.  It rose to highs not seen since Nixon's win in 1960 (yes, he won, but that election also went to a Democrat because of fraud).  At the same time, Biden's standing with those same groups declined.  That fact alone should have presaged a Trump victory.

Basham explains that there are other metrics associated with elections that invariably predict elections.  He's not talking about polls.  Instead, he's talking about everything surrounding polls, such as red waves, geographic trends, and (although he doesn't mention it) even cookie sales.

The article is powerful, but sometimes hearing someone speak has more resonance.  That's probably why Basham's six-minute-long statement on the Mark Levin show, seen in the following video, had been viewed 1.6 million times in 24 hours:

At bottom, it's completely bizarre that Biden did not sweep the United States.  Instead, he swept a few specific precincts.  If Biden were as popular as his victory indicates, wouldn't his support have been enormous in every state in which he won?  It's simply inconceivable to a logical person that every non-polling metric predicted a massive Trump victory, only to have Biden win in a handful states that had election anomalies never before seen in an American election — but often seen in a Venezuelan one.

Image: Patrick Basham on Mark Levin.  Twitter screen grab.