A former Gov. Cuomo aide claims he sexually harassed her for years

A former Gov. Cuomo aide, Lindsey Boylan, tweeted that Cuomo sexually harassed her.  I did a little investigation before jumping on the bandwagon.  Cuomo is, to my mind, a disreputable man who has the blood of thousands of elderly New Yorkers on his hands, but that doesn't mean he did what Boylan alleges.

The problem for me began with Boylan's tweets, which don't pass my smell test.  Here are the first two tweets in the thread:

In sum, because Boylan's mom bowed out of work after her boss sexually assaulted her (technically, an unwanted kiss is a form of assault), Boylan's been hypersensitive about the issue since high school.  Let's get to Boylan's next tweet, in which she said she vowed that she would never be a victim.  Never!

Having stated that she was empowered since high school, Boylan tweets that she passively allowed Cuomo to sexually harass her for years:

Do you believe that?  I don't.  You can't be "I am woman, hear me roar" and then admit to sucking up sexual harassment for almost four years.  I don't doubt that Cuomo was a jerk because half of what he says reveals an obnoxious bully.  Still, Boylan's story doesn't stick together.

Boylan wraps up her tweet thread with a present-tense statement about her unpleasant situation, which is weird because she stopped working for Cuomo over two years ago, so she's no longer "in this situation":

There's other info about Boylan out there that suggests an unreliable narrative.  When she tried to primary Jerry Nadler in New York this spring, her big shtick was climate change.  But according to the New York Post:

[M]any of those oil giants make up a hefty chunk of her own family's multimillion-dollar portfolio. Boylan, through her husband, holds stakes in BP, Royal Dutch Shell,  and Greek oil shipping company Tsakos Energy, financial disclosure forms show. Boylan's husband, LeRoy Kim, is a prominent investment banker at Allen & Company.

And while she's not taking their money for the campaign directly, dividends from these and other holdings almost certainly found their way in through a $50,000 personal loan Boylan gave to her own campaign.

Boylan also comes from a long line of mentally unstable women.  In June, she told the West Side Rag, "Three generations of women lost custody of their kids because of mental illness and addiction: my grandmother, who came to live with us later in life; my aunt, and my sister."  That nugget may explain why her tweets lack logic.

The same article reveals that Boylan is yet another one of those unstable, wealthy, hard-left women who've popped up in 2020.  She comes from New York's monied or upper-middle class, she's all in for the Black Lives Matter movement, she wants to defund the police and have the federal government take charge of them, and she thinks Nadler is too conservative.

There's also the usual leftism hypocrisy, combined with the new leftist love for China: Boylan's a woman of the people, but her six-year-old daughter goes to a private "Chinese immersion program."

Here's what I think: Boylan may have lost in June, but she still has political ambitions.  With her allegations against Cuomo, she's making a name for herself.  She's also part of the push to purge the Democrat party of old Democrats who will never be leftist enough.  (See, e.g, the attacks on Dianne Feinstein and the revelations about Hunter Biden that will push Joe out of office so Kamala can take over.)

Andrew Cuomo's a horrible human being, but Lindsey Boylan isn't so great herself.  There's an internecine battle here, and I would not trust either of them.

Image: Lindsey Boylan from her candidate statement.  YouTube screengrab.

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