Why Trump is waiting

I think (perhaps "hope" is more accurate) President Trump has something approaching the same thoughts and plan to bust the fraudulent election that occurs to me.  I suspect that he is deliberately avoiding major public addresses claiming electoral fraud until there is a solid evidentiary record, at least somewhere, to support that claim.

Millions of Trump's voters — based on the numbers alone, how, when, and under what circumstances they rolled out on Election Day and the morning after, and the massive numbers of statistical and numerical improbabilities that rise to the level of an impossibility — already are 100% convinced that Trump won decisively and that this was a coup attempt, not an election.  But the rest of the population needs some "concrete" proof (as if the foregoing were not concrete enough).

So Trump is waiting.

Either Ms. Powell and Mr. Giuliani find a court where they can lay out the proof they claim to have, or, failing that, they lay it out publicly.

At that point, that task accomplished, Trump has to go public in a big way.  And the way that makes most sense to me is in successive rallies in the critical states that were stolen, beginning in the state, whichever it is, where the proof is most compelling and then moving on to the other four.

Trump election rally at Sanford, Fla. airport (YouTube screen grab).

These will be the venues not only where he makes his case to the electorate and to history, but where he sends a message to Republican legislators in the affected states that a vote to certify Biden's corruptly obtained electors will be political suicide.  Once Trump's case is established, in court, and in public at rallies in their home states, any Republican legislator who votes for this electoral coup should realize that he will be primaried out of office, if not recalled.

At the same time, of course, the lawyers can try for Supreme Court review.

But the battle must be fought on both fronts.  First, and quickly, in the court(s) where the showing is to be made; then, and dramatically, in public at massive open-air (freezing) events that are Trump's lifeblood.

The danger of the above is that, now approaching three weeks since Election Day, the public, including a substantial part of Trump's base, will have wearied of the subject after a couple more weeks pass before the president can make his public cri de coeur.

But I see no way of avoiding that risk.  His lawyers, having announced that they have proof, Trump's stentorian declaration must await that proof.  At least that's what I hope he is thinking.

I don't see any other plan that offers even slight hope.

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