Where is the support for Biden?

If grand-scale election fraud enables a Biden presidency, the new Cheater in Chief will have less support than he thinks.  Sure, the left-wing politicians; the media; Hollywood; and a cadre of triggered, uninformed citizens are (somewhat) on his side, but more people than they care to acknowledge are on the side of preserving our country and living life in freedom and peace.

The people I know who voted for Biden are unusually quiet.  They were not a part of the phony spectacle that broke out after the unauthorized media called the race.  Perhaps they know that the mere mention of the election hits a raw nerve with associates who were certain of a Trump victory, or perhaps they realize that something truly untoward has gone on.  The MSM will do what they can to conceal the irregularities and illegalities that occurred during Election Night.  According to them, the collusion of blue states to stop the count when Trump had the momentum is just a right-wing conspiracy theory.  They are pushing the legitimacy of the unbelievable large number of blue ballots that rolled in after the suspicious halt in counting and the Dominion voting machine glitches that changed Trump ballots to Biden.  Nothing, in fact, that transpired after the voting stopped was in Trump's favor.  Mere coincidence, say the media.

This election stinks to high heaven, and tens of millions of people believe they are being cheated out of their right to a fair election.  There is no telling how many fraudulent ballots were cast or legitimate ones thrown away, but it could be in the millions.  If Biden grifts his way into the White House, it will be with far less backing than the Biden camp or the media would have us believe.

Image: Picasa.

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