We'd planned to live here our whole life. Thanks to Democrat policies, we're moving.

I came to Minneapolis in 1972,  lived in the western burbs until I married in 1991, and bought a house in a small but growing suburb northwest of town.  We have been very happy here.  We like the place and the people.  It was our intent to spend the rest of our days here. Then the Chicoms sent us a little biological warfare experiment.  If anybody else had done that, we would have called it an act of war.  The Dems and the Beltway swamp-dwellers had tried everything in the book and not in any book to put down the administration of the duly elected president.  Nothing worked until we got that little bio-gift from the Chicoms.   The "free press" ran with it.  They ramped up the fear, counted the cases, counted the deaths, counted everything and made the counts look as bad as they could.  If a  foreign country had done that, we would have considered it an act of...(Read Full Post)
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