We'd planned to live here our whole life. Thanks to Democrat policies, we're moving.

I came to Minneapolis in 1972,  lived in the western burbs until I married in 1991, and bought a house in a small but growing suburb northwest of town.  We have been very happy here.  We like the place and the people.  It was our intent to spend the rest of our days here.

Then the Chicoms sent us a little biological warfare experiment.  If anybody else had done that, we would have called it an act of war.  The Dems and the Beltway swamp-dwellers had tried everything in the book and not in any book to put down the administration of the duly elected president.  Nothing worked until we got that little bio-gift from the Chicoms.  

The "free press" ran with it.  They ramped up the fear, counted the cases, counted the deaths, counted everything and made the counts look as bad as they could.  If a  foreign country had done that, we would have considered it an act of war.  But since our own "free press" spread the fear, it was just news.

Then, in May, a guy took a fatal overdose of multiple drugs, tried to pass a counterfeit 20, and died in the custody of the arresting officers.  Opportunity had knocked.  The "free press" jumped on that one, and before the sun set — and for days and days up to this very day — the Dems and the Republicans, too, in all their public comments have spoken of this event as if it were a given that the poor drugged guy trying to pass a funny 20 had been murdered by the Minneapolis police.  

Never mind that the procedures the police used were part of their training.  Never mind that the autopsy said the poor guy was as good as dead before he was taken into custody.  

In reaction, the "mostly peaceful" rioters burned down a swath through Minneapolis that is five miles long and extended that into St. Paul for another three miles.  It turned out that the "mostly peaceful" rioters who were burning and looting and murdering are the foot soldiers of the Dems.  Throughout the riots, the governor and attorney general of Minnesota and the mayor of Minneapolis acted on the side of these "mostly peaceful" rioters.  

I have to think the Chicoms watching all this are more than a little amused at what their little bio-experiment has caused.  It was not much more of an epidemic than other bad flu strains of the past.  It mostly kills people who were about to die anyway.  But with help from the "free press," we have made this epidemic into a panic and thus a pandemic.  The Chicoms have found a way to roll a grenade into our tent anytime they want.  Supposed experts (who were supposedly on our side) made public statements to the effect that the "mostly peaceful" rioters were exempt from such critical measures as the wearing of masks and "social distancing" during the "mostly peaceful" protests.  Their cause was too important to be so limited.

After a few nights of fun and games burning, looting, and murdering without any consequences for that behavior, the "mostly peaceful" rioters realized they were burning down parts of the cities populated by their own supporters.  Thus, they headed for the suburbs, where they could terrorize the straight white people who deserved the worst possible treatment.  One stated target was our northwest suburb.

We were on vacation and missed all that, and they didn't make it all the way to our house, fortunately.

However, with the Minnesota governor, the Minneapolis mayor, and the Minnesota attorney general on the side of the "mostly peaceful" rioters, it is a good bet that the rioters will be back.  They might not like the election outcome, or they might like it too much, or the attorney general might not be able to convict the poor cops who had the bad luck to arrest a guy who was dying of a self-inflicted overdose of multiple drugs.  Or they might just like the burning and looting with the occasional murder thrown in.

Mind you, in daylight, these "mostly peaceful" rioters look a lot like innocent children waving signs.  But when the sun goes down, they become the devil's evil regiment of over-indoctrinated and under-educated brats.  Some look to have the bodies of adults, but none has an adult mind.

Added to the rioting, the governor has mastered the technique of one-man rule.  First you declare an emergency, and then you invoke emergency powers that allow you to use the Constitution for toilet paper. When the emergency times out, you declare it again.  The Legislature could stop you, but here in Minnesota, the Dems hold the House, so the vote to discontinue the emergency rule cannot pass.  Forget the Bill of Rights.  Forget the Constitution.  This is an "emergency."  Minnesota will be governed by executive order.  Maybe forever.  

So what are a couple of old white straight folks to do in the face of threats from these nasty children?  We are going to walk away.  Goodbye, Minneapolis; goodbye, Minnesota.  You go ahead and defund your police and protect the "mostly peaceful" rioters.  We are moving out of the state to a town so small that you have probably never heard of it.  We are moving to a state where the governor respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights within it.  

No, I'm not flaunting this.  There is no challenge in my words.  But where we are going, nobody wears masks.  And everybody has guns. 

Jerry Powlas has been a naval officer, engineer, and publisher and is the author of Red State Rebellion (available through Amazon).  "Everybody should read this book and tell their friends."  He lives in the burbs of Minneapolis with his wife Karen.  When not there, they can be found sailing their boat somewhere on Lake Superior.

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