WaPo, House Democrats, federal bureaucrats create fake news that USPS whistleblower 'recanted' testimony on back-dating ballot postmarks

When a brave Postal Service whistleblower threatened to derail the plan to steal the election for Joe Biden, his testimony had to be discredited, so the plan could move forward.  Democracy dies in fake news. Psy ops — convincing the public that Biden legitimately won the presidency so that President Trump would be pressured to concede before evidence of ballot fraud could be accumulated and presented to the Judicial and Legislative Branches — was the heart of the attempted fraud.  The New York Times, perhaps intoxicated with hubris, tweeted out the game plan before realizing that it was confessing, at which point the tweet was deleted.  Fortunately, others preserved it: I can’t believe they tweeted this LOL pic.twitter.com/m44OX6UN0M — JERRY DUNLEAVY (@JerryDunleavy) November 3, 2020 Video of Erie, Pennsylvania postal worker Richard Hopkins stating that his supervisors ordered employees to back-date mail-in...(Read Full Post)
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