Unity: A third of Democrats agree with Republicans that Trump's reelection was stolen -poll

Here's some of that unity Joe Biden so piously intones about, from Matt Margolis of PJMedia:

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted November 17-18, nearly half of likely voters, 47 percent, believe the election was stolen from Trump. If Joe Biden is ultimately certified as the winner, there will undoubtedly be a big fat asterisk on his presidency. This should be very concerning for Joe Biden. President George W. Bush had the 2000 election cast a dark shadow over his presidency, with many Democrats to this day refusing to acknowledge his presidency as legitimate. If Biden is confident in the legitimacy of the results as they stand now, he should be willing to let the process continue, and should publicly express his support for this.

But, Joe Biden’s problems are not simply because many Republicans believe the election was stolen. It’s true that the poll showed a significant partisan divide on this issue: 75 percent of Republicans believe it is very likely (61 percent) or somewhat likely (14 percent) that the election was stolen from Trump. But, according to the poll, while 69 percent of Democrats say it is not at all likely (61 percent) or not very likely (8 percent) that the election was stolen from Trump, 30 percent of Democrats believe it is very likely (20 percent) or somewhat likely (10 percent) that it was.

Let me repeat, nearly a third of Democrats believe it is likely that the election was stolen from President Trump. That’s a remarkable number. Huge, in fact.

Three quarters of Republicans think that, which should be no surprise to anyone. I've seen other polls suggesting the number was even higher.

The news, though, is that nearly a third of Democrats think the election was stolen. And why shouldn't they? Bernie Sanders got his nominations stolen from the Democrats, both in 2016 and 2020, with enough records to show it.

All the more likely then that Democrats would conspire to steal the election from President Trump, based on what Democratic voters have experienced of their own party. So while the media repeats over and over that there was no such thing as fraud, not even a sizable chunk of the Democrats are buying it.

Which is very bad news for Joe Biden, who, as PJMedia's Matt Margolis notes. will now have an asterisk next to his name. He argues that President Bush had similar with the 2000 debacles and it didn't help him any.

But even moreso, it raises the possibility that President Trump, should he win his court and recounting cases, has a strong possibility of unifying the country should he win and be seated into his second term. Biden has the inertia-support of about half the electorate, which obviously includes lukewarms who just want to move on. Now a sizable chunk has signalled unwillingness to accept his presidency as legitimate. Democrats and Republicans agree, Biden stole the election from Trump.

It certainly explains why Biden is trying to sweet talk the electorate with his nonsense unity talk. His real game is to talk voters into believing he actually won the election.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain image