Unending public health crises will keep authoritarians busy forever

Indiana University Health recently announced that it will bravely stand against racism, injustice, and inaction."  (Somebody has to!  And a university, at that!  The rest of us are all for inaction, injustice, and racism!)  I.U.'s health system has vowed to view and fight racism as a "public health crisis."  It will join two other Indianapolis hospital networks in essentially treating racism as if it were a disease.  The three hospitals issued a joint statement claiming that systemic racism in the health care industry can lead to less desirable outcomes among minority communities.  Ergo, the institutions vow to be "focused on improving access to care and eliminating racial biases that contribute to poor health outcomes."  Apart from the fact that the only systemic racism in America today is that universally and incessantly directed at white people and their supposed (and...(Read Full Post)
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