Twitter has cooked up a new way to jack with President Trump's tweets

It goes without saying that Twitter has gone off the deep end, even post-election, humiliating President Trump in profoundly censorious ways every day.

It's not enough that they gray out his re-tweets as "unavailable," which, as a matter of fact, they are not.  It turns out that they have a slew of crummy, stupid censorship tricks, the latest of which is to manipulate the order of tweets to demean President Trump.

The censorship started with the falsely claimed "unavailable" tweets, usually happening when Trump attempted to retweet the riot reporting of independent journalist Andy Ngo.

Then they began to put circled blue exclamation points below almost every tweet the president did, with the purported correction below that "This claim about election fraud is disputed," which clicks to an "experts say" argument that "election fraud is exceedingly rare," a genuinely dishonest statement, given the documented research of the Heritage Foundation, and assorted news events, such as the judicial order for a new election in North Carolina owing to illegal ballot–harvesting in 2018, suggesting that electoral fraud is anything but rare.

They also get their blue markers out to start their circled exclamation point with "official sources called this election differently" any time President Trump tweets that he won the election, a link that leads to media claims of Joe Biden winning, not official sources.  File under "dishonest."

Another sleazy little trick these Twitter nanny-censors pull on President Trump's tweets is the circled blue exclamation point with the statement: "Learn about US 2020 election security efforts."  A click leads not to that topic, which might interest some, but to this scolding statement about the evils of violating Twitter's purported policies.  Talk about untrustworthy false advertising.  Anyone who clicks that becomes a chump.

These attacks on President Trump come against a backdrop of the shadow-banning of conservatives (they've got my personal account on a partial shadowban, meaning that my tweets don't show up in feeds); incidents of "brakes" on tweets they don't like, where you have to go through a two-step process to retweet a link; and incidents of raw, naked censorship and calls to "obey," as when they banned the New York Post for not deleting a tweet highlighting their mega-scoop about the corrupt contents of Hunter Biden's emails.  They did that to James Woods, too.

All of these sickening acts humiliate President Trump every day, demonstrating to voters and world leaders that the president is powerless against these little Twitter mice with dreams of becoming East German-style rats.  Yes, indeed, they are showing the world who's boss with this grandstanding, and it's sickening.

It appears that this isn't all they are doing, though.

Yesterday, I noticed something suspicious.  It wasn't just that they always put Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's tweets at the top of my feed, no matter when these tweets are actually made.  Now they are manipulating the timing of President Trump's tweets to Biden's to make sure they show him to maximum disadvantage as compared to the supposedly statesmanlike Biden and Harris.

Like this (excuse my broken tablet screen):

Notice that Biden looks all statesmanlike in his calculated statement praising the space launch as if it were his own achievement.  Note the date stamp of the tweet as two hours old.

Now look at what's below it: a partial tweet from President Trump complaining about electoral fraud, as if to say this is all he is concerned about and he isn't quite president anymore.  And notice the date stamp as one hour old.  How can a two-hour-old tweet come directly above a one-hour-old tweet on a moving Twitter feed?  The two tweets were put next to each other to make President Trump look self-absorbed and stupid.

A trip to Trump's Twitter feed tells another story.  That same two hours earlier as Biden, Trump made the same sort of statesmanlike statement praising the space launch.  But I never saw it in my Twitter feed.  Only the Biden tweet of two hours earlier, and then the mismatched one-hour-old tweet of Trump raging about the election came up in my feed.

This is manipulation on an amazing scale.  Twitter dishonestly juxtaposed the tweets to make Biden seem all presidential and Trump seem infantile.  The two men made the same praise-space statements, at the same time, but Twitter picked and chose the worst tweet it could find of Trump's to place next to the most majestic tweet they could find of Biden and placed them both at the top of my Twitter feed, in order to make Trump look bad by contrast.  It is rather like a news agency running the most unflattering photo it can find of someone it doesn't like and posting it next to a pretty photo of someone it does.

If this isn't an argument for President Trump to pull out of Twitter with a mighty zero-warning boom and crash, what is?

More to the point, it intensifies the argument that Twitter is an edited platform, not a telephone company–like organization that serves as a medium for all comers.  It turns out they've got quite a team effort going to censor and humiliate President Trump, which takes a lot of effort.  It's way past time for Congress to reclassify Twitter's regulatory status into an edited platform, which is what it is, in spades.

Image credit: Logo, public domain, via Pixabay.

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