Trump thinks he has a chance in Pennsylvania

President Trump has a big challenge in Pennsylvania. In an honest election, he could win that bellwether state. However, it’s likely that the election won’t be honest. Thus, if Trump wishes to win, he needs to get such an overwhelming number of votes in that state that the Democrats cannot pull together sufficient fraudulent votes to knock him out. On Saturday, Trump held four rallies in Pennsylvania, showing that he thinks he can beat the fraud. It helps that he promised to protect fracking, something Biden will un-do.

According to Robert Cahaly of Trafalgar Group, Trump should win in Pennsylvania. The problem is potential fraud:

Trump isn’t there yet in Pennsylvania, according to Cahaly. “Right now, we’ve got him down in Pennsylvania,” he says, “I think if it were held today, the undecided would break toward Trump and there’d be some hidden vote. He’d probably win Pennsylvania. But I’m going to give a caveat on only Pennsylvania. I believe Pennsylvania to be the No. 1 state that Trump could win and have stolen due to voter fraud.”

Chief Justice Roberts helped the potential for fraud by being the deciding vote that allowed the all-Democrat Pennsylvania Supreme Court (rather than the legislature) to change the voting rules. Pennsylvania can now count votes through Friday, November 6, provided that the absentee ballots are postmarked by November 3. The Democrat Pennsylvania court reached this holding because 16,000 votes arrived late in 2016 and remained uncounted. Trump won Pennsylvania by only 44,000 votes.

Trump is therefore determined this time around to win Pennsylvania by a huge margin. On Saturday, the human dynamo held four rallies in Pennsylvania. All four rallies were incredibly well-attended:

Ronna McDaniel has the important information about those four rallies, which is the number of people who did not vote for Trump in 2016:

That kind of passionate support from long-time Trump supporters and newbies promises a strong voter turn-out, one Trump hopes will defeat any efforts at fraud. He’s relying on the fact that, while Philadelphia may be Democrat territory, outside of the big city, people are conservative. (Note: Philadelphia may not be quite so Democrat-oriented if the Firefighters Union is anything to go by. It just endorsed Trump by a two-to-one margin.) While non-urban conservatives historically have had low voter turnout, this year could be different.

Trump’s also not taking any chances. While in Butler, Trump announced that he’d signed an executive order to protect fracking:

"Moments ago I signed an executive order to protect Pennsylvania fracking and block any effort to undermine energy production in your state," Trump told a crowd in Butler, Pa., earlier Saturday. 

"So if one of these maniacs come along say end fracking, I signed it on the beautiful Marine One," the president said.

In addition, Trump would ask officials from the Energy Department and Interior Department to advise on how technology or land management could be used to expand the use of fracking, but the details at that time were still being finalized. 

Fracking is a good thing all around. It brings jobs to America, sees energy production taking place in a nation with strong environmental protections, lowers energy costs that drag down the economy, means America is no longer dependent on foreign countries, and defunds dictatorships. Indeed, part of why Arab nations are lining up to make peace with Israel is because their leaders recognize that they will see less oil revenue in the future. They need to diversify their economies, with Israel being a big player in any future regional diversification.

Looking at those Pennsylvania crowds and looking at Trump making good on his promise to bring jobs and energy back to America, it’s hard for a pessimist like me not to feel some scary optimism trying to creep up. I already did my bit by voting, and you should too. The lines will be long on November 3, and it’s best to vote while you can.

Image: Crowd shot at Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. YouTube screengrab.

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