Trump: An appreciation, on a momentous eve

At this a pivotal moment in human history, internal forces are trying to bring America to her knees. — Should this happen, we would suffer grievously, and she would lose her historical power to deter the world's worst malefactors from acting out, or at least from prevailing in their worst predations. — But even worse, the world would lose its only true fire of freedom, which — often unseen, unacknowledged, unheralded, and even more often excoriated — keeps the world from plunging into barbarous darkness.

Consider this: over the past five years — since the moment Trump came down the escalator — the most miserable miscreants in politics and showbiz have execrated him with a malevolence and melodrama never seen in the quarter-millennium of our history: a frothing mass psychosis. — Literally overnight, the former welcome-anywhere celebrity-builder-billionaire became public enemy No. 1 in the minds and in the dirty mouths of the disaffected, the ambitious, the incapable, the scheming, the jealous, the evil, the nefarious, the weak-minded, and the just plain warped.

No matter. — In the nearly four years since he assumed office, Trump's brilliant administrative achievements — yes, brilliant! — have undone bad regulation, bad law, bad border security, bad trade, a bad economy, a badly frayed military, bad national morale, and more. — He's reversed all those things! — Over the last few weeks, he has begun to appear at one, two, and now five rallies a day in different states. — I've never seen anyone campaign so hard. — And he does it with so little genuine party support. — He's gone up against nearly the entire Congress, and the entire press, and the entire State Department, two ineffectual attorneys general, contumacious military bigwigs, dishonorable prosecutors, corrupt agencies, and not a few bad hires one after another — and beaten most of them! — and still advanced our interests.

My sober thoughts on Election Eve are these: in neither party has any other officeholder — I won't tar him with the politicians' brush — ever been as steadfast, resolute, and uncompromising against the weasel ways of entrenched partisan interests, whose snarling creatures now bare tooth and claw, shrieking and slavering to keep their purloined ill gotten carrion of advantage, tenure, power, and wealth. — Nor has one ever called them out for what they are — thieves, corrupt criminals, communists, haters, lunatics, and traitors — as he is doing now.

If, G-d forbid, the voters reject Donald Trump, well, we will have signed a contract with a horrible little duo — a faltering, senescent never-was and a pantingly vicious never-can-be — bent on plundering and destroying us. — And all just in time for the holidays. — That mustn't happen. — For his achievements, his patriotism, and his stupendous courage and energy in the service of America, Donald Trump most richly deserves to remain president.

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