Trump a 'carnival barker'? More Obama complaining in The Atlantic

Barack Obama can't stop talking about President Trump.  Obama is nothing if not unoriginal, predictable, and paranoid.  The president will not concede to Sleepy Joe Biden, and nothing ticks off a Marxist more than a wealthy free-market capitalist refusing to back down. It's 2016 all over again for Barack. His latest interview with The Atlantic harkens back to his attacks on candidate Trump weeks and months before the 2016 election. Stumping for Hillary, Obama accused Trump of slapping his name on buildings he didn't build and taking credit for it.  At a Three Amigos press conference with Canada's Justin Trudeau and Mexico's Enrique Nieto in June 2016, Obama went on a rant about the use of the term "populism"  to describe Trump's massive appeal.  "I'm not prepared to concede the notion that some of the rhetoric that's been popping up is populist."  Obama was...(Read Full Post)
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