Time for do-over elections?

Massive evidence that Joe Biden and his family have been corrupted by Chinese bribes emerged shortly before the election.  This evidence was blacked out by the Information Monopoly: Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and the mainstream news media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.).  Not only was the evidence blacked out, but it was discredited by depicting it as Russian disinformation.  Outlets with much less influence — Fox News, the N.Y. Post, the Wall Street Journal, and other smaller outlets — gave the story play.  The majority of the voters were denied the opportunity to evaluate the terribly serious information that a presidential candidate was bought and paid for by our most dangerous enemy.

The election was decided in close jurisdictions by this small coterie of very powerful people and organizations that had the power to blackout and discredit a massively important news story. To make thing worse, in my opinion, it is highly likely that many other institutions and persons have been corrupted or compromised by Chinese money.  For example, I find it alarming that Kamala Harris’s husband works for a law firm with Chinese clients.  

The pretense that it is OK to treat Chinese interests as regular businesses rather than as agents of the Communist Party should be ended.  I suspect that there are many persons and institutions in the pocket of Chinese intelligence to a greater or lesser extent.  The Chinese effectively use massive amounts of money to corrupt important people and institutions in the U.S.

If the voters are systematically fed biased information, they cannot be expected to vote in their self-interest or the interest of the country.  The blackout amounts to a many billions of dollars in in-kind campaign contribution.  Defending this on the grounds of free speech is obviously ridiculous.  The information monopoly is suppressing free speech.

The remedy that I propose is that the Supreme Court order do-over elections in jurisdictions where the Information Monopoly’s information suppression carried the day.  I think Biden will be massively defeated in such elections when there is time for the voters to be exposed to the blacked out information.  Do-over elections are the only remedy that can correct the sinister behavior of the Information Monopoly.  Conceding the power to decide elections to the Information Monopoly would obviously end democracy.

Does the Supreme Court have the power to do this?  A do-over election was ordered by a federal court in North Carolina in 2018.  The power of the Supreme Court is large, as the many liberal decisions over the years have shown.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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