The perfect test group for the COVID vaccine

There has been a lot of talk about vaccines for COVID-19 lately, especially with Pfizer announcing big progress, which caused the stock market to really pop the Monday after the election.  It looks as if there might be one or more options just around the corner.

I personally find it odd and suspicious that Pfizer delayed the announcement on the results of key tests until the MSM called the election for JoeBiden.  I also find it noteworthy that in the latter presidential debate, President Trump told us that a vaccine would be ready "in weeks," at which, right on queue, the MSM and the left smirked, sneered, and laughed.  But here we are, just weeks after that comment, with a vaccine close at hand.

Assuming that the vaccine is perfect...that it's exactly the antidote to the COVID poison...obviously it would be delivered to medical personnel, first responders, and the elderly or otherwise ill.   But what if it is far less than perfect?  Do we still give it to these same people and risk their health in a different way?  Is this why there has been some talk about delivering it to third-world nations first?  Is someone looking to use black and brown people around the world as a mass group of guinea pigs?  To be honest, it wouldn't shock me in the least if I thought the Democrat elites in this country were thinking that very thing.  We know they like their "people of color" playing their assigned roles.

I have the perfect way for the new vaccine to be rolled out that would be among the few ways that I would feel safe about rolling up my sleeve for the needle at this point.  I have 535 test candidates for the first round in mind right now.  Make that 537.   Our esteemed senators, congressman and so-called president-elect and vice president–elect should be the first ones to get poked.  After all, they are "essential," aren't they?  Once that wave is finished, the next ought to be every employee of any media corporation that has a regular seat in the White House Press Room.  And the third wave of vaccinations should be performed on all of the state representatives and governors of all the states that give their electoral votes to Joe Biden.

If I see all or even most of that in the first weeks of the vaccine, it will certainly ease my mind and give me the warm fuzzies about this new miracle.  Were we assured that President Trump would be receiving the Four More Years that most of us believe he was cheated out of, I would feel a heckuva lot more comfortable receiving a shot as well.  But with Biden/Harris and the rest of the globalist types preparing to move us one giant step closer to socialism, I'll stick to shots of bourbon, thank you very much.

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