The left's attempt to steal the election...just another night in the Deep State

The American left never for one moment accepted its loss in 2016.  Leftists were shocked, enraged, apoplectic that Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt candidates in U.S. history, failed to extend their hold on the Marxist project to remake America in their Alinskyite/Stalinist vision. It's been a long-view enterprise that began with the racist Woodrow Wilson, but it took off in earnest when the radical leftists of the 1960s took over academia.  They've won.  Two generations of American students have been purposefully miseducated to believe that America is irredeemably racist, that the capitalism that has enabled the U.S. to become the most successful nation on the planet is evil, that socialism is better. All these years later, the dream of MLK that character counted more than skin color has been blown into a million tiny pieces by the left's dedication to identity politics.  For the left, all Americans, for that matter...(Read Full Post)
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