The Deep State starts racing for the exits

Tuesday greeted us with the long awaited response from A.G. William Barr, who at last ordered the vast force at his disposal — oh, so slowly and reluctantly, it appears — to begin investigating the snowballing reports of vote fraud arising from every county of this Grand Republic.

Within minutes, Election Crimes Branch chief Richard Pilger, the man responsible for preventing this kind of offense in the first place, rather than take charge and do the work he's been trained to do for years, up and resigned, with sonic booms heard as he raced for the exit.

"What fresh hell is this?" I can hear voices asking.  "What possible explanation can there be for this strange and unparalleled turn of events?"

Well, it seems pretty clear to me.  Pilger is on a cleft stick.  If he goes out and actually "does his f------ job," as Tyler Durden puts it, then he'll never be invited to another Beltway cocktail party.  His Deep State reputation will be utterly ruined, replaced with the ignominy of the man who destroyed Disciple Joe's opportunity to step into the Messiah's sandals.  If, on the other hand, he were to pull a Mueller and actively attempt to destroy or hide the evidence sprouting like kudzu in a Deep South summer, he'd end up in the Big House with the rest of the Democrats.

So he's wisely decided to cut his losses.  Now he can pose as another Andrew McCabe, the clean-cut career crime-fighter who courageously stuck with his ideals rather than bend to the demands of the Orange Cthulhu.  Book deal, talk-show tour, and MSNBC position will be now forthcoming.

This is, simply put, the first piece falling off the Democratic machine.  There will be many more coming as it skids more swiftly and inevitably toward the abyss.

Image: DoJ.

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