The Conservative Treehouse is being de-platformed

An invaluable source of facts, documents, and analysis of the deep state and ruling class is being driven off its web platform. Techno-fascism looms.

Sundance informs us today:

 Most CTH readers are likely aware of the term “deplatforming.”  Unfortunately, the big tech control mechanism to shut down speech & assembly has now arrived on our doorstep.

One week after the 2020 presidential election, The Conservative Treehouse received the following notification:

…”given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.


In the past several days I have begun contacting people to inform and gather counsel on what is the best course of action.  On a very positive note, the Rebel Alliance is stronger than ever and no amount of effort by Big Tech is going to be able to weaken the resolve or block the message.

Here is who owns Wordpress

Automattic Inc., the parent company of web publishing platform, announced on Thursday that it raised a $300 million as a part of a Series D round from Salesforce Ventures. The investment puts Automattic’s valuation at $3 billion post-funding. (snip)

The raise brings Automattic's total amount raised to $491 million in funding over four rounds. Salesforce Ventures joins Insight, Tiger Global, and True Ventures as an investor in the company.

  • For Automattic, the funding will help the company grow its WordPress business, says Automattic CEO and WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

  • For Salesforce, the funding deepens the company's commitment to WordPress and the open web, says President and Chief Product Officer Bret Taylor.

Be smart: WordPress is an open-source software platform that's owned by a non-profit group called The WordPress Foundation. The foundation works to ensure that WordPress remains a free, open-sourced platform that's accessible for anyone to contribute to, mostly by improving its code.

  • The popular consumer-facing domain is owned by privately held Automattic. Mullenweg was a co-founder of WordPress. According to Mullenweg, WordPress powers more than 34% of all sites on the web.

Despite all the swell rhetoric about “a free, open-sourced platform that's accessible for anyone to contribute to,” they are acting to repress information about the ruling forces.

It is a royal pain and involves money, but a new platform can be found or created and the data protected. For now, anyway. Assuming no further limitations coming out of left field.

There is a lot more detail in the CTH post. Read the whole thing.

Hat tip: Fredy Lowe

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